10 Things You Must Not Do When Using Google AdSense

AdSense is the ad serving application of Google in which the webmasters earn money through text, image or video advertisements. Google AdSense is also used even by popular websites just to earn extra income. As long as your website gets huge number of page views, approved bounce rate and great traffic from popular search terms, your website will go far and you’ll earn a lot of money.

If you are using the service of Google AdSense, listed below are the 10 things you must NOT do.

1. Click ads all day long. It’s much better to click more than enough ads.

2. Construct posts with large titles telling the visitors to click your ads. You can also make a video pleasing the viewers to click the ads as many times as they want.

3. If the Google AdSense banner does not fit in your computer, edit the code. Then, send thousands of spam emails that ask to visit the website and click all the ads.

4. Give work to freelance people, home based employees and students by letting them click your ads.

5. Join in a click ring or create a group that will aim to click each of the member’s ads. Make use of click bots that automatically click Google AdSense ads.

6. Appoint some Indian and Chinese clickers. There are numerous of them whose job is to click ads from AdSense all day long. Place a large “Click me!” over your ads.

7. Use pop-ups on your website. Fill up your website with ads and search box. Never put any quality content.

8. Make an effort to register lot of AdSense accounts and position all the ads on different accounts on the same page. You must take for granted all the email you receive from Google AdSense.

9. Ensure that AdSense is placed on pages with prohibited content. Send emails to Google AdSense telling them that you are cheating.

10. Combine AdSense with images of “Click next time!” and “Thank you!”.

Don’t forget, the 10 practices above should NOT be done so that earning more with Google AdSense is easier and getting banned in Google is avoided. Use organic SEO methods that can be given by an organic SEO company. For that reason, you can now go and make an appointment with your trusted SEO group.

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