3 Barriers To Success With Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a very important part of your advertising

plan. The main reason for this is that since Google is the

largest search engine on the planet it is really easy to

get traffic very fast using it. However, there are unique

challenges and in this article I would like to go through

those barriers that might prevent you from achieving

success with this method.

1) Create separate advertising campaigns

One of the biggest problems that you will experience with

your advertising campaigns is that if you do not create

multiple campaigns grouping certain types of adverts

together you will find that you have too many general

adverts grouped together. Your low performing adverts will

negatively impact your other campaigns and increase your

cost per click. So it becomes very important to group a few

related adverts together when testing to see which adverts


2) Not filtering out negative keyword matching

If you are targeting certain keywords it becomes very

important to exclude keywords that are not related to your

target audience. For example if you were to be targeting

the keywords “affiliate marketing” you may find that some

people search on “affiliate marketing programs”. These

people are not searching for information on affiliate

marketing, but rather programs that they can join. Your

conversion will be extremely poor. Consequently it is very

important to use the option to filter negative keywords


3) Gain a high page quality score

It is very important to get a good quality page score from

Google as this will reduce the cost of your clicks. You can

do this by getting high quality one way links to your

website and include the keywords that you are targeting in

the body of your landing pages.

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