3 Ways to Use ReTweets to Increase Your Twitter Following – Fast!

Have you run out of ideas for Twitter posts?

Gotten tired of the monotony of searching for, copying and pasting or retyping quotes for your Twitter feed?

Want to build up your following faster?

Here are 3 ways to boost your Twitter following- without writing any posts!

You no longer have to sacrifice quality or quantity when your Twitter idea well has run dry.

Instead, engage in the Art of the ReTweet.

A ReTweet is a post you share that is created by another user.

By following certain types of Twitter users, you will actually have an endless supply of high quality Twitter posts right at your Twittertips!

Social Media is about being social- connecting in conversation and creating community.

ReTweeting boosts your Twitter following, and creates multiple opportunities to network online:

  • You consistently provide great content to your followers- without having to do it all yourself.
  • You can support and encourage your peers with their business endeavors.
  • You build connections with big influencers in your industry, creating authority by association.

Sharing is caring- and many members of the Twitter community love to give and receive. Becoming an active sharer will help you meet kindred Tweeps and actually enjoy Tweeting!

Twitter Tip: sending too many Tweets at once can overwhelming your followers.

You can avoid this mistake by spacing out your ReTweets in one of these three ways:

  1. ReTweet immediately.
  2. If you are using a Social Media Manager (like Hootesuite) you can edit the ReTweet to post at a later time and/or date.
  3. Favorite the post, then go back to your Favorites list in your Twitter profile later to post it.

Now for those 3 fabulous types of ReTweet rich profiles to Follow:

Tip #1- Follow Quote Exclusive Profiles

To find users that post quotes exclusively, do a search in Twitter with “#quote”.

The search results will give you all of the recent Tweets that have this hashtag. Click on the profile picture of users that look like quote producers.

When you find one or more profiles that focus on offering quotes that you love- Follow those profiles.

Now, all day long in your Twitter feed, great quotes will show up- ripe for ReTweeting!

Tip #2- Follow Resource Rich Tweeters

By following Twitter users that post a lot of resource links relevant to your industry, you can offer great content to your own followers- without all the research!

You can’t be everywhere, all the time finding facts and figures to post, so follow a few others who do.

Do a search in Twitter for “#(+your topic)”, for example #smallbiz.

When you see a user profile that frequently posts a variety of resource links on that topic, Follow them and ReTweet as needed.

Tip #3- Follow Twitter Influencers

The third type of Twitter user to follow is the big influencer.

These Tweeple can have over a million followers each!

Not only do have they mastered the Twittersphere with great posts, they may follow you back if you follow them.

Which means… millions of people could see your next Twitter post!

Gotta love the leverage!

How do you find the biggest influencers on Twitter?

Do a search in any Search Engine for Top 100 Twitter users- then Follow away!

Start watching your Twitter feed (or go to the Recent Posts pages) and ReTweet posts by big influencers that are valuable to your followers.

So start Following, ReTweeting and having fun out on the Twittersphere while you network!

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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