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According to statistics from Direct Sales Aid, the number of direct sales consultants increased from 12.2 million in 2001 to 15.8 million in 2010. Flexible working hours and the possibility of a huge profit are some of the major reasons why many people prefer to join direct selling companies over nine to five jobs. However, choosing a company to join can be quite a daunting task. You need to consider certain important factors before joining a company.

4Life Research is one such direct selling company that promotes transfer factor immune support products. Based in the USA, the company sells their products through direct sale representatives in more than 50 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Philippines and others. Currently, they sell more than 250 products in the field of nutritional support, weight management, animal health, and personal care.

In this article, we will take an unbiased look at the advantages and disadvantages of joining 4Life Research.

Joining 4life Research: The Benefits

Established in 1998, 4Life Inc. is one of the very few companies that introduced Transfer Factor immune support products in the U.S. market. Following are some of the major advantages of joining the company.

High Product Demand – Success ain direct selling venture depends a lot on the quality and credibility of the products that one has to sell. The products of 4Life Research are highly sought after in the market. It doesn’t take much of your time and energy to encourage a buyer.

Transfer factors are actually immunity molecules discovered by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence in 1949. The founder of the company, David Lisonbee was very inspired by the theory of immune response discovered by Dr. H. Sherwood. Majority of health conscious buyers will already know about the benefits of using transfer factor immune support products. Let’s take a quick look at some of the major products offered by the company.

Weight loss product – Shape-Fast Ultra® is a popular weight loss product being offered by the company. It contains coleus forskohli, an element widely known to control metabolism.

Immune system enhancer – One of the immune system enhancer products offered by the company is Energy Go Stix®. It contains energy enhancing components, such as green tea extracts, synergistic amino acid, yerba mate, guarana, and three forms of ginseng. Other immune booster products offered by the company include 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida®, RiteStart® (for women) and a lot more.

Natural sleep enhancer – SleepRite® is one of the best selling products being offered by the company. Made from natural herbs like kava kava, valerian and chamomile, SleepRite® promotes natural sleep.

Apart from these, the company also offers several other useful products, such as InnerSun, Aloe Vera, and Enummi®, just to name a few.

Handsome profit margin – The company offers a good profit margin to its distributors. 4Life Research provides up to 64 percent commission to its distributors. Also, they pay distributors four times in a month.

Training and assistance – The company also provides excellent support to their distributors. They provide a compass kit as well as training materials to help attain quick success in direct selling. They also arrange training programs for distributors.

Established brand – The company has been running successfully for more than a decade now and they already have an established customer base. Newly joined distributors can capitalize on this when it comes to selling the company’s products.

Joining 4Life Research: The Pitfalls

4Life Research is still not a BBB Accredited company. This may make some people skeptical about the quality of the company’s products. Moreover, you need to work hard to get success as a distributor of the company. Remember that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Having a thorough knowledge about the products offered by the company is important, which will require intensive training. Although the company does help to train distributors, you need to have a learning mentality to achieve success.

Finally, for success in the direct selling business, you should utilize modern technology under the guidance of the experts. The good news is that 4Life Research identifies the significance of utilizing Internet marketing techniques and guides its distributors accordingly.

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