AdSense – First Look

What is Google Adsense?

Google’s AdSense program is one of the biggest and most reliable programs that will let you sell advertising space for other people’s ads. AdSense is strictly connected to AdWords, they are holding hands like Bugs and Bunny (wasn’t that one name?)

The good thing is that the service is free, and the ads Google choses are revelant to your site’s topics and content. This is a paid per click type of advertising network (PPC) that means you earn money every time someone clicks an ad on your site.

AdSense is quite popular to the bloggers, everything is simplified so much that you just have to try it. It’s like a glass of cold coke full of crystal ice cubes that is waiting for you, and even if you don’t drink the whole cup it still tastes great doesn’t it? Therefor, try AdSense even for the sport, and you might be astonished.

Looking in depth, Google gives you a html code for you site that you have to use. They even let you to pick from a variety of ads structures – buttons, banners, skyscraper etc, later on you can customize colours and everything else.

You do need some content to start with, however, and then wait for approval.

Wait wait, what if my sites doesn’t have any good content to begin with yet?

Let’s say the page in your sites includes only an image, truly unacceptable, from a search engine optimization point of view and ad optimization you should consider using some title, well written footer with important keywords. In case there are lots of image, they should have reasonable alt and title attributes.

Keep in mind that whatever you are doing, you should stay way from “keyword-stuffing” as this make your site very unfriendly for the visitors. There were times in the past where keyword stuffing was helping your website, but now it’s makes no sense, except ruining your visitor’s opinion.

What else I have to know?

Hmm, lots of stuff! As a start you have to know that you can’t decide which ad from the whole list will appear on your site. Google however has taken care of this and is doing a nice job in assigning the right ads that might interest your visitors.

Let’s pretend that you are running a cell phone site, with phones specifications and everything related to it. Google is likely to display ads about Cell Phone plans, Cell Phone sale sites, Unlocking Cell Phones and everything related that you can imagine.

And all this thanks to AdSense robots visits which are done on regular basis. The robot measures the frequency of the words you are using, evaluates them and determine the topic of your site and display the related ads. The robots can determine also the language used on your site and display location-targeted ads.

How much will I earn?

That’s the ultimate question, isn’t it? And as many people already said it depends on too many things. The famous websites can make thousands monthly while a new site will make a few dolars. The key to success is to have visitors and if you focus your content on something that interests them, you will have a lot more hits on the ads as they might be interesting for the visitors.

I believe I can cheat AdSense, what you think?

NO! Don’t do that. If you even try to cheat AdSense you will end being more cheated than ever. If Google finds out what you are doing, and they always do sooner or later, your site will be banned and future ads will be blocked. And except this, this is also not helping the people that pay your visitors to click ads (the AdWords clients). In other words, if you are a nice and honest guy, you wouldn’t want this, right?

Some tips please?

1. Do not concentrate too much on AdSense, in other words, keep your site user friendly. If you think that the more space you dedicate to AdSense, the more you will earn with the program, that’s completely wrong. It might make the visitors think that your site is only done for the ads, and its too crowded to worth another visit.

Imagine that some of those visitors are bloggers or people that would help you promoting your site by putting backlinks, what they would think? I’d hate it! And the less links you get lead to less traffic, which leads to less ad clicking in a longterm plan.

2. There is a type of Google ads which look like a normal banner, image ads. Google will give you the option to chose between couple of different ad formats, I suggest you to carefully test which is the best for you, as image ads might not the right answer, no matter they look cool.

3. Consider start using AdSense from the very beginning of your website, even if the site is not popular at all. You have no idea how fast traffic can come to you, and how fast it can go away. Something else that is important is your motivation.

A lack of motivation of having a good and useful site won’t make you much money. If you just do the site for the few extra bucks, you will end up spending your time for a lost cause, lost even at the moment you were thinking of it.

4. Use your creativity, the place of the ad is normally very important for it success, that’s why some of the ad space on a site, like the top, are paid higher. I’ve seen sites with flash games where for example the ads only display between the rounds, when you will be relaxed and click on them eventually.

5. You have to know that from time to time you can get sudden increase in traffic, and you won’t see where it comes from, not even Google Analytics will help about it. Somewhere your site might be just mentioned, and not linked, a popular place, an image, a tv show, and then you will see a sudden increase in visitors.

6. There is a risk when you start to change ad layouts too much. You might accidentally kick out advertisers who were displaying ads through a specific channel. Find something that does the work for you, and stick to it.

Final words:

Patience is a virtue. This is something you have to remember before starting the whole AdSense program, cause it takes time. It might take from months to years for your site to become popular, and its all based on your skills, effort and most important patience. There is no quick money on earth, there is no free buffet. I’ve never actually seen a site that makes good money with AdSense, good enough to cover his monthly bills.

It is also important where you live, for one country one thousands dollars is a lot, for another is almost nothing. Take your time, sit down, write a plan, follow it, be patient and success will not be late.

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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