AdSense for Domains: Using Brand Names to Boost CPM

AdSense for Domains can be a tricky advertising program to earn money from, primarily because most visitors who see the landing page of a parked domain rarely click on the ads. They instead hit the “Back” button on their browser.

But it turns out that AdSense for Domains uses a mixture of CPC and CPM based ads.

The key to increasing your earnings from AdSense for Domains is to show more CPM ads. Unfortunately, you can’t tell AdSense to do this. But there are a couple of ways to get it to show more CPM ads, and both ways involve the use of brand names.

Companies with well-known brand names, particularly the big ones that everyone are familiar with (Pepsi, Ford, Bank of America, McDonald’s, et al), spend a lot of money on display advertising. Display advertising is a type of ad designed to make people see the brand name, and associate it with something positive or memorable. On the Internet, branding ads are not necessarily intended to attract clicks, but rather intended to be seen and remembered.

Hence, these kinds of ads are priced on a CPM basis.

You can work this to your advantage on AdSense for Domains by one of two ways, or both…

  1. Register domain names that contain brand names – When you’re scouring the domain registrars for expired domains, look for ones that contain a well-known brand name. For example, (, or AdSense for Domains will identify the brand name in the domain and display ads related to those brands. The result is an increased number of CPM-based ads.
  2. Associate brand name keywords with the domain name – AdSense for Domains allows you to associate up to four keywords for each domain name. So, if you have a domain name “”, then associate it with brand name keywords like “McDonald’s”, “Burger King”, “Taco Bell”, and “Pizza Hut”. You’ll get a greater number of CPM-based ads. You’ll need to monitor the performance and test different keywords to see which produce higher CPM rates.

The result of all this is that you can earn money from AdSense for Domains without people clicking on the ads, and increase your overall earnings.

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