AdSense – In Depth

AdSense, is an ad serving application run by Google. It is a flexible and a hassle free way to earn revenue online. In a broader perspective, you get paid for displaying the ads targeted by Google in your site. You have the flexibility to customize ads to match your site’s look and feel. You also have the advantage of using online reports to track your success. The most amazing point to consider is that it is completely free.

Wondering how it works? AdSense works in three simple steps. The first step – Choose where to to show ads. You get a chance to specify where the ads will appear in your site. You also get to choose the types of adds that can compete for those slots. Second step – You can display the highest paying ads and wondering how that is possible? Advertisers bid on your inventory in a real time auction. So, you can always show the highest paying ad. Third and final step – You get paid. Google charges the advertisers and ad networks and generates revenue and pays you through reliable payment options.

Worried how you will establish contacts with the advertisers and who will bear the additional burden of finding different advertisers? Google has an answer to that too, it maintains a vast collection of advertisers, thereby avoiding you the burdens of maintaining individual relationships with the advertisers. The more the number of advertisers means the more the competition for your inventory. You can also gather more relevant ads. You can also have the flexibility to find ads for all your online content.

AdSense has an innovative and robust targeting option that allows the advertisers to reach their audiences on your site in a more precise way, which implies more revenue to you and a better enriched experience for your users. AdSense displays the ads related to the content in your pages.

How does an advertiser benefit by using such facility? An advertiser can target your site based on the geographical location, demographics or URL. An advertiser can also show ads based on your users’ interests. Also, AdSense is not only for websites, additional revenues can be generated by displaying ads on your mobile web pages, feeds, online games, videos, mobile applications, etc.

With the help of flexible ad controls, you can protect the brand value and ensure a positive experience by getting to choose how the ads are displayed on your site. You get to choose the type of ad formats that you wish to display in your site. You can go ahead and customize the ads to be featured in your website to match you site’s look and feel.

Power reporting tools provided by Google, give you a detailed report and help you identify the opportunities to make more money. You can get performance based reports like earnings by page, by specific date or date range, by domain, by clicks, etc.

Start using AdSense, with zero investment, little effort on set-up and no maintenance worries, it is a great way to earn money.

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