Adsense is ALIVE See PROOF!!

Last week, I stated “Adsense reborn!!”

well this is not quite correct. to be honest, it NEVER died!

How do I know this?

I was in search of a broad range of quality Beta Testers for my new product VI 3 (hyper link)

Sourcing people with little experience, right up to previous Microsoft product beta testers. (Thanks guys for your support!!)

I posted the request for help with beta testers in 5 forums and was AMAZED at the results.

Over 1000 confirmed beta testers!!! (that means over 1000 people submitted the beta test application and confirmed their email address via aweber)

I sent potential beta testers to a simple form page, where potential beta testers had to answer 7 simple questions, so I could evaluate them accordingly.

These were the simple 7 questions.

Previous member? Yes/No.

AdSense Publisher How long? Under 12 months More than 12 months.

AdSense Income PM? Under $1000 Per Month $1000 to $5000 Per month Over $5000 per month Prefer not to say.

Experience creating domains, ftp and cron? Yes/No.

Will want to use staff module to outsource site creation? Yes/ No.

Familiar with html and template creation? Yes/No.

Average hours per day to test and create sites?

After seeing the amazing result from the request of beta testers. I now have a sample pool of over 1000 people

spread over 5 forums, all marketing, thought Not all AdSense related.

The Anticipation to see the results of this collected data consumed me.

but how to check over 1000 emails and pull this data from it, without taking 2 weeks?

Well I asked my programmer max. how can we do this without going through every individual email?

As per usual, he said, Easy, “I’ll do it give me 5 mins ok”?

I like many other experienced AdSense marketers/publisher know AdSense is alive and well!

Now potentially I had the evidence to prove this once and for all.

Previously. The Death of AdSense marketing campaign was hugely successful.

Using, as the owner states himself hugely emotional titles and supporting images to promote his own products.

This was a massively successful marketing campaign using many new marketing techniques, it was a joy to watch is grow

in such a short time. But and its a big BUT!!! the whole concept was Not actually Correct as you’ll see further down this page.

AdSense is definitely not what it was back in mid 2005, back then anyone with a little ftp knowledge and 99 bucks for any old

site generator could make a good to great income from Adsense. It was pretty simple .info domains were 99 cents, reseller accounts

were very cheap. You could get 50 domains up and running in no time . with each domain getting 1000’s and 1000’s of pages index

in the search engines and sit back and rake in the cash.

Compared to those days, AdSense was pretty much dead, by comparison, which left the market vulnerable to marketing strategies like

Death of AdSense evolving. Like any business , it is only as good as the time and energy you put in to it. AdSense is still a very viable option for those people wanting to use it as a platform, to be able to work full time.

I imagine those people that didn’t want to do the work required to be successful with AdSense these days, jumped right on and believed the hype about the Death of Adsense. So they jumped on the next band wagon that appeared simpler than doing the work required.

I put to you , using the death of AdSense techniques can be hugely successful for those people prepared to put in the work required just like any business. Though those that were looking for a quick fix will have the same problems making money from this technique as they found already with AdSense marketing/publishing.

Today a LOT more automation is required to provide the search engines what they need, to get your sites perform well. You need fresh article content,

video content, images, great templates all provided in the form of a blog which search engines still love. see my other posts on this blog about VI 3 and how we achieve automation of the above.

For more information feel free to contact me

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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