Advantages of FCR in Customer Service

FCR, or First Call Resolutions if you prefer, is the process of resolving the caller’s issue on their very first call to the customer service desk. Generally it means that the inbound call center agent receiving their call would make sure that they find the correct answer to their problem. This is like a benchmark when it comes to customer care. Call centers thrive to achieve a higher FCR percentage because of several reasons. In this article, we will take a look at the advantages of having a high FCR conversion rate.

First Call Resolutions bring down the operational costs. You need to pay for call center agents, as well as the phone lines if you want to keep it toll free. When you are solving the issues in one single call, you are bringing down your workload. You are ensuring that a caller will not call again with the same problem. Your BPO agents are free from carrying over problems of the callers to another day. You need not pay for the calls that are made to the answering service desk because the agents were not able to tackle them on the very first instance. It picks up the call volume and your phone answering agents are liberated from working against a backlog.

The best part about an increased FCR rate is that you have a wider network of callers who are satisfied with your customer service. You will feel the difference when your customers are praising the customer care department of your firm on online forums and discussion boards, as well as on the social media. It will be a viral publicity that your BPO firm will greatly profit from. When your call center does good work in the customer care department, it’s bound to get noticed. You will have clients coming to you because it’s very rare to find a telemarketing unit that has a crack inbound call center team.

The third advantage derives from the second one. When the callers are happy with the customer service that you are providing, they will not be tempted to move over to rival brands. That is a very definite possibility because customers are not loyal to business networks that don’t value their importance. They want to be treated specially and the call center agents have to do that. Building up on the subscriber’s list may be the duty of the lead generation team, but when it comes to retaining them, the inbound call center team has a major role to play.

Higher FCR is sure to boost sales. The cold calling agents handling the calls can push for sales when they find that the caller is happy with the call center services that you have provided. It becomes easier for the agents to convince the callers with their marketing pitch at these times. The callers are more receptive to what the BPO agents have to say. And because they are already convinced that the customer care department works well, purchasing from such a brand will not be outlandish.

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