Advertising Without Social Media Is a Cash Crusher

I admit that this title can be a bit misleading as numerous people would say that the answer is a clear YES. Yes since so many people make use of social media, particularly those accessing their profiles through their mobile devices. In fact, about 60% of the total time spent on social media is via the use of a smartphone or tablet. One must incorporate social media into a mobile promoting tactic. Nevertheless, there are some caveats to that apparent yes.

The truth is in fact, that the Social Media landscape is ever evolving and altering, just like the mobile landscape. One particular major distinction is the fact that where the migration from feature phones to the smart phone continues to be growing (1.4 billion smartphones had been in use by 2013 years end,) social media adoption is plateau to an extent.

Take Facebook and its 1.1 billion customers by way of example. Approximately 7 billion people today live on this planet. But in order for the other 6 billion to be on Facebook, their countries would need to undergo a lot of restructuring. These adjustments won’t occur overnight, which can be why Facebook’s audience, or ANY social network’s audience for that matter, isn’t going to grow anytime soon. And lest we overlook Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram a few years ago and the failed attempt to acquire Snapchat, which shows how social networks can come, go, and transform in a relatively quick amount of time.

But no matter the political affairs and M&A that continue to affect media growth, the audience, YOUR audience, make use of social media right now and cannot be ignored. In reality, 80% of Facebook’s customers stated that they prefer to connect with brands on Facebook and about 10% of Facebook’s audience is mobile ONLY. And that’s not even including the total social media audience:

75% of the US population is about 225,000,000 persons. If every other person out of the social audience spends two hours a day on social media mobile apps, you’re looking at about 264,000,000 mobile social media impressions PER DAY from this entire audience!

By not using Social Media in your marketing efforts you are losing out on the potential of much higher profits.

I’m sure that this huge audience is compelling enough for you to act now however, it’s one particular thing to create a branded media page for your company. How would you go about building a strong audience across different networks? What kind of content must you focus on to really appeal to your audience? And, with all of the networks that exist, which ones are worth devoting more attention to?

You can discover the secret to getting a 50% to 100% response rate with a powerful mobile marketing system. All while the rest of the world battles for a wimpy 10% response rate!

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