AdWords – How to Get Rid of Tire Kickers

Google AdWords can be a little contradicting because you want people to click, yet you do not want some people to click. You only want people who are willing spend money to click & those tire kickers not to click. You as a smart advertiser think in this way because you are paying for these clicks.

Lay All Your Cards

First of all, you must be up front with people. Do not try to hide the fact that you do have something to sell to them. In your ad, let them know that there is some offer & some action they have to take.

The simplest way is to add a price on your ad. Most people who are sure that they are not going to buy anything will avoid clicking on any ad with a price tag on it. Even when you are offering a free download or a free trial, you can still place a price tag on your ad.

Negative Keywords

There are some words that are used by tire kickers, just add these words as negative keywords & you can literally shut away thousands of freebie seekers. Some of these keywords are:

  • crack
  • crackz
  • download
  • definition
  • exe
  • free
  • infosys
  • keygen
  • kudos
  • loot
  • nest
  • password
  • pdf
  • rapidshare
  • red bus
  • regkey
  • test
  • torrent
  • wonderpoint
  • zip

Location Targeting

Look at your sales, where are your clients located? Chances are, most of your sales come from USA & a few other English-speaking countries. Set your ads to show up only on these locations, you can forget about most of the other countries.


When you avoid tire kickers, you will end up paying less for your advertising. On top of that, you will save time on email & technical support which means you will have more time to serve your valued clients who are paying you.

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