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Not making headways in your social media marketing efforts? Aren't you noticing necessary traction that should have been achieved by this time? It simply implies that your social plan in place needs to be reworked. Never be on the presumption of a one-size-fits-all strategy for diverse social media channels. It isn't the case. Each single channel is unique on its own front.

Below, we highlight some of the best win-win approaches to social media marketing.

1. Chalk out a goal-oriented social media plan

Social media channels are aplenty. The audience base differs from one social media channel to the other. Hence, sticking on to channel-specific social media strategy is a must. Before initiating the action, do a social audit of your brand and try to understand the prospects in store. The goals you set across for each different social platforms should align with your business objectives. An effective plan should dwell clearly on the following parameters.

  • Channel type
  • Prospective target audience across various social channels
  • The end goal
  • Type of content to be published
  • Content structure
  • Call-to-Action (Will differ based on the goal. If it is a sales goal, the CTA should be "Shop Now")
  • Weekly or monthly calendar

2. Mindful use of hashtags

To succeed in your social media marketing plan, cling on to a meaningful hashtag that contains all elements of your campaign. Never opt for a random hashtag. Have a hashtag that is catchy and easy to spell. In order to avoid duplication of the hashtag, check the availability of hashtag before implementing it in your campaign.

3. Capitalize the potential of Life Events

Targeting the right audience is extremely critical for your social campaign success. As a brand, you ought to follow the life events of a person. By capitalizing on these events, you are making your social media campaign more personal. In fact, Facebook offers a glimpse of Life Events parameter through which brands can track the event that is going to take place or have taken place in the personal lives of individuals.

Illustration: – Brands specialized in offering customized honeymoon packages can target individuals who are about to get married in the coming months. Similarly, retailers selling baby accessories can target women who have shared their pregnancy status.

4. Narrowed Targeting option for cutting cost and increasing the engagement ratio

Your brand might have ambitious plans to target a broader set of the audience so as to meet the objective. Well, it might sound right. But, is that going to be effective? The chances are less. With regards to social campaigns, the more you narrow down your target options, better is the engagement rate with reduced costs. If you broaden the target audience, engagement rate becomes low and subsequently, the cost increases manifold.

5. Keep a tab on the Ad performance

Be it post or tweet, monitor its performance constantly, else you are a loser. With social media its all instant. Never leisure after setting up your campaign. Figure out its performance in regular intervals. Get a clear interpretation of the metrics and keep acting on it. Given the fact that millions of posts and tweets getting updated every second, don't let your post or tweet become old. Keep on updating it now and then. This is the only way you can increase the ROI. Have different variations of the same ad or content so as to to keep the campaign alive at all costs.

6. Rely on Twitter to fish out new content Ideas

In short, Twitter can be summed up as a content lab. You can test out your new content in Twitter by figuring out how well its been received. On the other hand, Twitter is the most happening social media hotspot to fish out new content ideas. Definitely, its true.

Illustration: – Lets imagine that you are a digital marketing professional and you are actively present in Twitter. You come across an interesting infographic that speaks about the latest trends in digital marketing techniques. Now, give it a shot by retweeting it and you will be surprised to notice a higher engagement rate that surpasses the engagement rate of all your other tweets. Don't leave it with that. Write an article / blog based on the facts published in that infographic and get to see wonders.

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