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Remaining aloof to the digital world today can have negative impact on one’s social, economical and even professional well-being. In the world today where all links lead up to various social media platforms, be it a job vacancy, a recipe to make supper, or a quick guide to fix a problem in an appliance, the internet has become the ultimate hub hosting all the information.

How can one manage to stay abreast the social media platforms that have changed the way employers look for prospect employees, consumers decide what products to buy, and everyday household decisions are made based on the popularity of various actions.

The answer is fairly simple. Consider the purpose of each social media platform. For example:


Facebook is the most popular social media platform for its ability to cater to all types of audiences. Useful for both business and individuals, Facebook is the most visited website where tons of content and hundreds of pictures are shared every day.

Suitable for everyone, this social medium is a platform where day to day activities are shared. Sharing information about your achievements, or activities will allow your friends to share your joys.


Twitter allows tweeting and retweeting of short messages and following celebrities and other friends and personalities of interest. A profile on Twitter means staying updated about the latest occurrences. However pictures can be shared through Twitter, this platform doesn’t allow sharing of albums like Facebook.


LinkedIn simply put is a professional network for people (young or old) in the jobs market. Individual profiles have education and work histories categorized in Industries.

This platform is for professionals and employers to have a point of contact where the professionals can have their resume on display whereas; the employers have a pool of potential candidates at their disposal.

The profile on LinkedIn is much like the platform, professional. With qualifications, skills and work experience listed in the profile, this is an e-resume for individuals.


Pinterest is a pictorial social media platform where individuals most pictures they have captured avoiding the ext. This sharing platform is especially useful for travelers, photographers, Businesses marketing their products, creative artists, and social workers. The pictures that speak a thousand words are uploaded on Pinterest every day.

The above mentioned list is a non-exhaustive list and each of the mentioned social media platform feature a lot many other tabs and options.

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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