Best Keyword Research Tips – Few Untapped Keyword Research Techniques

Keywords play a major role in search engine optimization. They are the words for which a website is ranked in search engine results. So you need to choose keywords that can send targeted traffic to your site with minimal efforts. Here are few untapped keyword research techniques.

Firstly let us discuss about the type of keywords you need to choose. Initially I choose 10 – 20 long tail keywords with less competition to get quickly ranked in search results. This helps me drive traffic almost immediately.

Next, I choose 5 – 10 keywords that has a minimum search count of 50k per month. Such keywords take 4 – 5 months to get ranked in 1st page of search results.

This way you need to diversify your efforts.

a. AdWords: I found that the search count shown in different keyword tools are not always correct. For example, according to a keyword tool, “keyword research tips” may get 3000 visitors monthly. But in reality when your page is ranked #1 for this keyword, you may get only 50% of it or even less.

So do not rely heavily on keyword research tools.

Search for a desired keyword in Google. See the number of advertisers it has and the keywords they used in their ad. Always choose these kind of keywords as they guarantee traffic to your page.

You can run an AdWords campaign for few days to know the exact search count of a keyword.

b. Using Use market places like to find keywords that can be profitable. Flippa is a service where people can list and buy websites. While listing website for sale, the website owners generally display their Google analytics data containing the traffic sources, keywords and the keyword traffic. You can instantly identify which keywords could be profitable to you and then start working on it.

c. Yahoo answers and Facebook: These two sites lets you find what people are interested in your niche. Search randomly in Yahoo answers in Facebook with a word. Depending on the search results, you can estimate the traffic you may get for the particular word.

For example, when I search with two words “computer virus” and “computer programming” let us assume that I got 50 and 100 search results respectively. This tells me that more people are interested to know about computer programming. So I design my keywords accordingly.

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