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Remember the first time you build your first Google AdSense blog. The definition of a Google AdSense blog is one of those money making blogs which derives its main revenue from AdSense clicks.

Most of us envisioned raking in lorry loads of money per month by building money making blogs merely with incorporating Google AdSense into the main page, the post and money will come racing in. Sadly, hard reality sets in when they see their AdSense accounts displaying 5 cents and the most 20 cents per click. Nothing to shout about the click through rate; only 1%. This is the stage where the new blogger comes to term with the harsh reality of trying to make money from blogging. Duration in reaching this stage: at least 6 treacherous months.

As a result, is Google AdSense still the way to go?

The answer depends on yourself. You see, in order to effectively monetize a Google AdSense blog, you need significant amount of traffic. Mind you, I'm not talking about just any traffic!

Numerous bloggers claim to be expert in Social Media Marketing like Twittering and they spend ample time writing articles along with submitting them to the popular Social Bookmarking sites like Squidoo and Digg all in the divine quest to drive traffics to their blog. While this may increase targeted traffic to a blog, the idea rarely translates into clicks their AdSense ads.

Therefore, if you're one of those smart bloggers who's still chasing traffic from Social Media sites and wondering why your Google AdSense account is neigh, I just have to share with you on the hard reality. People who mingle in Social networks are too 'Net savvy and they also don't click ads. They read blogs purely for entertainment rather than for the information that comes from the blog. It all depends really what are the agendas in the mind of these Social visitors. The chances are, they won't find anything worthwhile to click in your AdSense.

Similarly, just ask yourself when is the last time you lobbied to your friends in Facebook to take a look into your new blog post. On and off, your effort may successfully drive a sudden surge in traffics to them. But do you see any 'Ka-ching' in your AdSense account? I don't know about you but I'm usually disappointed.

Organic Traffic Is What You Should Focus On!

Let's stop and ponder for a moment.
When a surfer is searching for some new knowledge, they yearn for it and they want it yesterday! Therefore most of us will stop at nothing online till we find that elusive information we need. We click on this or that, after all we are frantic searchers and we hungry for that information!

For example. Let's say your debt is piling and you need instant solution in how to pay your next petrol and shopping bills. You need some credit card debt relief. So you go on onto Google and type in 'debt relief'. You then click on the first result that promises you quick and uncomplicated debt relief. After you look at site for a few moments, you realize this site can't answer your questions as well as you'll have to go elsewhere. There's an AdSense advert block to the higher left with a statement about instant debt relief. Voila! Go ahead, that might be just what you are looking for. Even if it's not, there's nothing to lose really.

You see, we put on different hats when we surf the net. If I'm looking for a particular information, in this case 'credit relieve', I'll struck the AdSense link each and every time if it will direct me to what I am looking for. And do you know what? The Webmaster or weblog owner gets the maximum payout for your innocent click because you found the site by searching for the word 'credit relief'.

On the other hand, if I was surfing to a site trying to find 'How To Be A Successful Online Entrepreneur' and then clicked on the same advertising, chances are the webmaster this time might not have received the maximum payout for that particular click. Tis' the reason why some of your AdSense chalking up 0. 20 cents whereas there are some which only give 1 or 2 cents. In a nutshell, Google will pay you in accordance to the kind of audience that come in and click on your site .

Therefore, What Kind Of AdSense Blog Is Best?

This is actually the real secret to Ad-sense and how to help it become pay the most for each and every click. If you have a blog or website which ranks well for a number of key phrases and your pages are optimized to bring in targeted search traffic, you will do well with AdSense. Your blog does not need to be a custom made Live Journal journal nor does it have to end up being fancy. In fact, you can start with one of those Google AdSense optimized themes.

SEO is the most important aspect you should focus on if you want to build successful Google AdSense Blogs. Forget about the Social Networking and about getting this post Dugg and Stumbled. Why bother when you know it's not going to convert and the worst part is it's going to wreck your click through rate. For all your hard work, imagine getting a big discount by Google. Shoot for the money. And in this instance, the money is in standing well for your key words and driving unique audiences from targeted organic search readers to your blog or website. Your current blog or website should focus only on one subject, for example 'debt relief'.

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