CPA Marketing Fail

CPA marketing is a hot topic. Turning web visitors into money is high on the list for lots of website owners and bloggers. Everybody is already using Google AdSense and they might not like the results that they are getting. Enter CPA networks and the information available online. Bloggers and website owners then hear about CPA offers and it starts to sound really good. You don't have to make a sale to earn money. There are CPA offers called email submits and zip code submits that just require a small bit of information in order to earn a commission. It seems really simple, but getting it to really work is a different thing.

Not making money with CPA

Getting past the gate keepers at the CPA network is just the start. They have an approval process that can be time consuming. They ask a bunch of questions and you have to answer them correctly just to get started. The real work starts after getting that approval.

Writing Articles

Failing at writing articles. One of the ways that you can spend a lot of time is writing articles for the directories. This is a free way to try to get traffic, but it could still lead ot failure. The hope is the you can write articles and get them picked up by other web developers. They publish your articles and you get traffic to your offers. The reality might not deliver the results that you want. CPA offers might not last that long. You might be writing articles and the offer disappears. This can feel like a total failure. The other downside to writing articles is doing all the writing work and then not getting any traffic at all. You log into your article directory accounts and see that the article that you created is not getting any views at all.

Making Videos

If you don't like writing, videos might be more effective in marketing your CPA offers. They don't require you being on camera and it does not have to take long to create a video. With videos, you still have to do keyword research and you still run into the traffic problem. People like making videos because it is another free marketing option.

You can really fail with videos too. You can make videos, but it doesn't mean that people are going to like them or visit your link. CPA marketers will place a link in the description area that either links back to their websites or even attempts to link directly to the CPA offer.


The name of the game is traffic and CPA offers seem like a good fit for blogging. This can work potentially if you have the traffic. You can setup blogs really easy and adding a simple CPA offer text link is common.

How can you fail at CPA with blogging? It is really easy. Just don't get any traffic to your offers. You can post lots of CPA offers, but without the traffic, you won't see conversions. It won't take too long before you start seeing changes at your CPA network. If you are not providing conversions, the affiliate managers might start to change on you.

Posting Banner Ads

Failing with banners is simple. People might just ignore them completely. CPA networks may provide you with banners for the offers and some might let you create your own.

People on the web are getting hip to the offers online. They might see your banners and look right through them. How many banner ads have you clicked on lately? The internet public is not falling for the same old advertising anymore. They have to really want what you have to offer.

Social Media

Cost per action offers need traffic and one newer source is social media. The only problem with using social media for your CPA offers is that some offers don't want that kind of traffic. They can have restrictions on CPA offers about how you can promote them. Putting CPA offers on twitter might lead to you losing your CPA account.

Domain Forwarding

Another option for marketing a CPA offer is to use domain forwarding. Instead of displaying a long and ugly affiliate link, you instead forward the domain to the link. This looks much better. Putting a web address that looks professional is an all around good idea. The only place where this can lead to failure is if the offer goes away and you still have the domain pointing to the dropped offer. You have to monitor the CPA offer emails that your account manager sends. You don't want to waste potential good traffic going to offers that have gone away.

The key to this CPA thing is getting traffic that converts. You have to try different methods to see what works best for you. It can be discouraging to try lots of different things and they still don't result in getting more money into your CPA account.

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