David Bocock’s 4-Day Money Making Blueprint Review

4-Day Money Making Blueprint is an internet marketing product about affiliate marketing that uses article as a means of getting the traffic and making sales. It is created by David Bocock, an article marketing specialist. He intends to teach beginners how to set up a stable monthly income in a quite short time. He thinks it is possible even if you are new to internet marketing and don’t posses enough money to invest.

All established internet marketers agree that Article marketing is one of the best ways to get free traffic and to make sales as well. And investment cost is relatively small. Article marketing (also known as Bum marketing) is becoming very popular recently. The way it works is by creating articles and leveraging some sites like and to get the free traffic.

What 4-Day Money Making Blueprint offers you are step-by-step strategies that loaded in total 25 videos. Those 25 videos basically cover 13 clusters of topics that start from a manual on how to use that course, introduction to Bum marketing and at the end using ClickBank as a means of monetization. In one of the videos, you can also see an interview with Travis Sago, the man who popularized Bum marketing method.

The brief explanation of the videos is as follows:

1. The first 8 videos take you to a manual of how to use the course, introduction of Bum marketing, introduction and the way to find a niche market and keywords research. The authors’ technique to find niche markets using a certain website mentioned in the video is very interesting and useful. By browsing that website and finding ideas there, you will basically save your time and money in doing your research.

2. The next 10 videos take you to article creation and marketing processes. These 10 videos are made in a very detailed explanation so that you most probably will not have any basic question to ask. In these series, you will learn which directories that actually get you fruitful results and how to write a resource box (this is very important since this is the one who will take your readers to your website). FAQ section is also put here to cover your question.

3. The last 7 videos take you to Squidoo and all its related stuffs, USFreeAds and finally monetization of ClickBank. You will not only learn how to use those sites but you will also learn how to link all those websites to make money.

Basically, the course reveals much quality information and delivers it in a very good way of presentation. It seems that the author has worked real hard to prepare this course to make his members gain much from this course.

I myself can conclude that this course is a very good course for beginners and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and use article marketing to boost their online business. But if you think you are not a good writer, it would not be a serious problem either. Because you can outsource the writing job to content writer and you just apply the rest of the strategies to succeed.

Now let’s talk about the price…. how much does the course cost you? Well, to be frank, it is below the average course price sold by other authors. It is only $27 plus you get 60-Day Money Back Guarantee from the author. So basically you will not have any risk buying this course and 60 days will be a decent time to evaluate whether it meets your expectation.

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