Does PPC Kahuna Live Up to All the Hype? Read This Review to Find Out

PPC Kahuna is a recently opened pay per click membership site that was put together by Jason Katzenback, the voice behind John Cow. The site provides you with the tools, the training, and the personal coaching necessary to succeed as a pay per click marketer. In this PPC Kahuna review, I will show you what you will be getting for your $ 67 a month membership fee.

PPC Kahuna Software. This PPC spy tool enables you to discover and copy your competitors pay per click campaigns. All you need to do is enter in some keywords, and the software will scan Google for each keyword and keep track of which advertisers are displaying ads. When run over the course of a couple of weeks, you can figure out which keywords were the most profitable by examining which advertisers consistently ran advertisements for them. The tool also allows you to see what ad copy they were using to give you ideas for your own ads.

BlitzLP. This is a script allows you to create landing pages dynamically. You install BlitzLP on your own server, and it allows you to create different landing page templates that will give you good Google AdWords quality scores. The higher the quality score your landing page gets, the less you pay per click so it pays to use a script like this.

PPC Training. Called the "14 Day Challenge", this two week training gives you a chance to see Jason setup a PPC campaign from start to finish. You start off figuring out how to pick your niche and handle keyword research, and then move on to creating your blog and launching your PPC campaign. Each day's training gives you two videos with step by step instructions narrated by Jason himself.

Web tools. You can access several great PPC tools on the PPC Kahuna membership site itself The BlitzPPC tool makes it easy to import your AdWords campaigns into the AdWords Editor. There's also a tracking tool, and several keyword tools that make generating and managing your keywords a lot easier. You'll save a bunch of time and effort by using these tools with your PPC campaigns.

Affiliate Blueprint. Every month, Jason will give you an already researched niche for you to implement and build a campaign around. He gives you the background behind the niche, which keywords to use, an article to use for your product page, and three other topic related articles that you can use as you like. You almost don't have to lift a finger to make a profit with this.

This is just a quick examination at the PPC Kahuna membership There is actually a lot more things I neglected to mention, and I would suggest you take a look at the sales page to find out more details. PPC Kahuna is a great course for beginners who don't have much experience, but want someone to show them how to become a successful pay per click marketer.

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