Driving Daily Traffic to Your Website for Less Than the Price of a Cup of Coffee

In this article I'm going to contend that you can conduct an effective advertising campaign for less than a few dollars a day (no more than a cup of coffee) based on my experiences using Google AdWords. Some common misconceptions about internet advertising is that it costs too much or isn't necessarily going to reach people who will convert to paying customers. This may be true in some cases, but many people, especially small web-based e-commerce businesses and blogs can achieve good results using the tactics I'm going to evaluate and explain in this article.

I currently own and operate two sites, both of which cost me less than a few dollars each every day to advertise and still achieve good results. One is more dependent on keywords than the other, however, the same principles apply on how I approach bidding and setting specifics on my overall daily spend.

To begin, I will provide a bit of a background on Google's advertising services. Because of Google's vast network of publishers and products such as its powerful and world-dominant search engine, the company has the power to drive an extraordinary number of people to your website. To get your own ads on publisher websites or in the results page, you first need to create an AdWords campaign related to your site, selecting keywords and a catchy headline / text ad that will appear on publisher's websites and / or in the Google Search engine results. If you have a unique business name, keywords or service type that you are offering potential customers it WILL increase your chances of being on the first page of Google when a lower CPC (Cost-per-Click) bid is set. This article will focus on the bid settings on low-mid strength keywords and is not necessarily recommended for truly unique products or services you may be offering.

If you are not too concerned what part of the world your customers are coming from then a lower bid often works, especially when you opt to have your ads appear on the "display network only". These are websites using the AdSense service. It also works to a certain extent in getting your ad appearing on websites from more targeted countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and other countries where English is a spoken by a significant part of the population. This obviously depends on your situation but in many cases you can get 20-40 relatively fairly high quality clicks per day with low and medium strength keywords. In my experience this has been with a bid of $ 0.07-0.15 when you have a well-designed ad shown and use well-thought-out keywords. Note that by default extremely low bids will normally attract visitors from countries where advertising is comparatively cheap for advertisers such as China, Libya, Serbia and so forth, which is not going to benefit most types of websites.

I suggest trying to get your ad out to selected countries (where you want your visitors to come from) first at the lower end of the bid suggestion I made earlier. Then check how your CTR (Click Through Rate) varies as you raise the bid on particular keywords (Remember that I'm concentrating on low-mid strength keywords in this particular article). You may have to adjust your bids slightly on well-performing keyword sets to above the range I have suggested.

If the 'quality' of visitors isn't a priority then lower CPC bids on the "Display Network" can get you lots more than 40 visitors. If your site earns revenue through AdSense, ad clicks from countries like Libya won't earn you very much. They can however convert to customers for your Affiliates earning you money at the same time.

In summary, you do NOT need to spend the earth on advertising your small business or blog. Be careful not to get too caught up in attracting visitors who aren't going to convert, purely for the sake of getting another visitor. Like any business the aim is to stay in front and be clever, so make sure you are doing so. I hope this article has given some assurance to website owners weighing up the benefits of strategic low-cost campaigns. Your customers may even help you pay for that second cup of coffee!

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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