Drizzle Marketing – Easy, Simple and Cheap Butterfly Alternative

"How To Make Money Online" is, by far, the most frequently asked question that I get from newcomers in the online marketing niche.

Very often it's followed by the conditions, that it should not be with Adsense, high ticket products or through a huge list.

The reason is simple: newbies don't have time and / or
money to build an AdSense emporium and they don't have
a big list, if any at all, nor do they have products,
so they can't sell high ticket items with huge bonuses!

So, then what's my answer? Butterfly Marketing?

No, I use my own strategy and I call it …

"Drizzle Marketing" !

We don't like drizzles, do we? I gonna make you like them! Read on.

In June, while attending the JV Alert Live event, I
saw Joel Comm drop a handfull of coins into a bowl. He
dropped them one after the other, thus creating a tick
or two every second. That was to visualize how you can
make money online using Adsense.

To be completely honest, I had seen that before. John
Reese did that during his famous 'Traffic' seminar and
that was recorded on one of his traffic DVD's.

But when I saw Joel do that for Adsense, I thought why
not do that with products?

You see, many experts teach you that selling high
ticket items costs as much effort as selling low
priced products.

While that may be true in terms of 'effort', there's
also something like the 'price-threshold'. The
conversion rates of high ticket items is much lower
than for low priced ones.

So in order to make a certain amount, you have to have
a bigger list or audience (which we don't have,
remember?), while low priced products only need more

And that's exactly what the low price will do!

So the idea is to offer great products, possibly with
resell rights so the buyer will profit from that too,
for a low price. With each offer, you drop your coins
in your bowl. If you repeat that process frequently,
you create a drizzle! Hence: drizzle marketing!

The 'price-threshold' is low and you will generate
quite a number of sales. Added up, it could mean the
The same amount of money as for selling high ticket items
with low conversion rates.

I've implemented that idea on one of my websites.

Of course you will need products with value that are
not wide spread around the Net. So you have to
carefully select them.

And, if possible, they not only have to deliver value
for money, but make the buyer some money too! If you
have such a product, then you have a great answer to
the question 'how to make money online'.

This drizzle strategy works like charm. I've tested it
and the results increase every day.

And I'm not the only one. Coincidently my friend Frank
Sousa writes about it in his latest newsletter too! He
calls it 'the money is in the drop'.

And Willie Crawford wrote in a forum post last week
(partially quoted):

I use to have a real problem with people underpricing products.

I guess this was fueled by the fact that several times I had gone out and spent as much as $ 997 for reprint rights to a product only to see it being sold dirt cheap a few days later by someone who had also purchased a license.

In the past two weeks, I have been offered resale rights to a number of inexpensive items where I bought the rights and then actively marketed the items. One of those items sells for only $ 4.95 (I broke it out of a larger package). I've been very surprised to earn nearly $ 5,000 profit in the past two weeks selling these inexpensive items (through ezine ads, sig files, solo mailings, and article marketing).

See? The strategy works!

Now, here's the real kicker. This strategy, when
implemented, does not only make you money online, but,
maybe more important, it builds you a list of …


And that's probably the most amazing thing about
drizzle marketing. You don't just build a list, you're
gathering info from people who actually bought from
you. That's what makes this strategy so interesting,
Because they are the best prospects for your next

Get on now, try it yourself.

Wishing you success,

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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