Email List – How To Build One For Your Family Business

Discover how to build an email list with these few simple steps:

Owning and running a family business means that you are juggling many roles. It is important therefore to automate as much of the technical "stuff" as possible. Starting with your email list, it is THE most important marketing tool you have at your disposal which can be easily set up, maintained and most importantly reviewed. If you plan to sell your product and / or services online updating your company website is a priority.

  1. Make sure your website is up to date with all the relevant Product details, price, any discounts available. Test it yourself, is it easy to navigate and buy a product? Add a contact page. Put all your social media links on your site. Have an email list opt-in page to enable you to keep them up to date.
  2. Create social media accounts in any relevant social media network. LinkedIn is not the only B2B network, you can do business via Facebook, Twitter and even Quora. Pinterest may be the platform that best suits your business. Have an opt-in page for their email on all your social media accounts.
  3. Sign up with a company that will help you automate your emails Here is a Free download for Aweber.
  4. Contact the customers you already have and ask them if you can start to email them with your Catalog / Product list, ask them to share this information with their customers. Keep them regularly updated with new products / discounts / industry information. Aweber will do this automatically for you.
  5. Make a survey: especially in the B2B markets – surveys are a good way to boost your email lists. It's all in the promise of what they will receive by filling in the survey and leaving their email in the end. In this way, a survey will give you: emails, potential leads, data & insights for content creation – and build your authority in your industry.

Other key points to consider when building an email list:

  1. If you have lost customers in the past contact them to find out why and offer a discount to get them back, ask for their email address and respond by contacting them. Always follow up.
  2. Ensure your customer service is the best it can be.
  3. Map out your competitors, who are they and what are they offering that you are not. How & where do they advertise.
  4. Continually analyze the data you receive.

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