Email or Social Networking – Which One Is Better?

Social media may seem like the ideal place to begin building your email list. However, as a marketing tool, social media is less effective than email marketing.

Both may be helpful, but only an email marketing campaign will give you the sales and profits you want for your business.

Building Relationships and Email Lists

People go to Twitter, Facebook and other media sites to be entertained. Most people don’t bother with ads of any kind on these pages, unless someone is offering something for free or with benefits.

To build your business on social sites, you are going to have to spend time answering questions and solving problems; this is in addition to offering a free or discounted service or product as an introduction. All this work to earn a few bucks.

Emails: Private Conversations

Sure, autoresponders will allow you to send out a thousand emails at once. However, those on your email list will feel like they are getting a personal message, especially if it is well written and your sales pitch is disguised in the contents.

Email is a personal and private thing to most people. This intimate form of communication is the reason that email marketing is the perfect way to generate sales and revenue.

Email Is Number One

Do you know that if you combine all the users on Facebook and Twitter and multiply that number by 3 you would come close to the number of email users around the globe?

While most computer owners have email accounts, not everyone enjoys places like Twitter or Facebook.

Daily email traffic even surpasses web searches: web searches equal 1/100 of email searches.

That’s like comparing the water coming out of your faucet to a waterfall! Everyone checks their email. Not everyone surfs the web looking for social entertainment.


Most people prefer to interact with businesses through private email. Other people get in the way on social media, whereas email is a great one-on-one way to get to know you and your business.

Email is both sales oriented and personal, and gains more prospects and sales than any type of social media.

While it is true that most Twitter and Facebook uses will spend more time on these sites than looking at their emails, they never forget to check their mail each day.

You can’t always get their attention on social media sites, but you have their undivided attention when you send them a direct marketing email.

Relationships or Profits?

If you are looking to make friends, build relationships and slowly grow your email list, then social media sites are for you.

However, if your aim is to expand your business and make a profit, then forgo the sales pitches on social media sites. Email marketing is the best way to reach a wide selection of people at one time.

For every dollar you spend on your email marketing campaign, you can expect an average ROI of $43.

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