Google Adsense – (CPC) How to make $$$$$

Google AdSense was started in the middle of 2003. In the beginning Google AdSense accepted only websites which had more than 20 million page impressions monthly, but later it began accepting even new website with nil or some impressions. Google provides 468×60, 728×90, 120×600 and 300×250 banner ads.

Google AdSense site is very easy to browse and you can get reports easily. You can choose the color combinations of the ads which suites your websites. The report displays the impressions, clicks and amount made daily. You can use the Google AdSense code in your websites and blogs, but your site and blog, should follow the AdSense guidelines.

The code can be easily incorporated in any webpage and it takes 5-15 minutes only for your webpage to show up the advertisements. The advertisement shown in the webpage is relevant to the webpage content.

The Price:

Google does not provide the cost per click to commission to the publishers; the cost per click would be anything between 5 cents to $ 20 a click. The statistics page in the Google AdSense site provides information on the number of impressions, clicks and payout. No doubt, this is the best paying CPC program in the world.

There are more than 100,000 Google AdSense advertisers and it is increasing day by day. There are lots of publishers who have been making good money with Google AdSense and websites which has lots of content should always try Google AdSense in their website. Google has started referral system wherein a person having a Google AdSense account can put a banner and if a person clicks and joins Google AdSense and after the publisher earns his first $ 100 (within 90 days), the referrer would be paid $ 100 for the referral.

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