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I’m pretty sure that we all can make this claim – “I know quite a lot about AdSense”. This of course will be true in a certain context. For example when you are talking to an outsider, someone who doesn’t apply AdSense to his or her website, then yes, you will know quite a lot about AdSense. But on a level playing field sat next to another AdSense fanatic, could you make the same claim?

Quote: “He, who claims he knows, knows nothing. He, who claims nothing, knows.” Socrates.

Not trying to shoot anybody down in flames, I’m sure we’d all love to discover more and more AdSense tips and tricks day after day. Constant research is the key.

I once listened intently to a business philosopher who suggested that if you don’t allocate time each day to explore the potential of your business, you will go stale. For me, as I understood that principle, I looked at my working day and thought how can I cram another hour into my day for research and study?

It became clear that during any day there is a moment when you start making typo errors. A part of the day when you feel lethargic, and you look at the screen for a few moments and wonder where you are, and which minimize screen are you meant to be working from. Ever been there? Well… This is the ideal time to rest your mind and take an hour ‘out’ from intense routine and explore the internet.

Understanding AdSense further is your prime objective. It won’t be too intense, just a few quick paragraphs here and there. Most of the time you’ll read stuff you already know, but just occasionally you’ll pick up a golden nugget.

For me… A golden nugget is something that sets the mind racing. You perhaps half knew of the concept, but another slant on the explanation and it triggers a whole new thought pattern within your mind.

Sometimes, and I say ‘me’ again, sometimes for me I ignore the well known obvious tips because they sound boring and methodical. But when I see that extra ‘add-on’ tip to improve that obvious path, the whole scenario excites me, I stop slouching in my computer chair and sit up.

So all the AdSense Help you need is within you. Always allocate time to invest in your own business by researching your subject. I hope you take this advice and use it.

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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