Google Adwords – Discover Strategies That Will Help You

The world of Pay-Per-Click advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising can be frustrating in the beginning. If you do not know what you are doing it may take a while before you even get any clicks on your ads. The biggest on the market of course is Google Adwords. It can be a powerful tool, but you really have to know your product that you are promoting very well. Most people will click your ad just because of its position or because of its catchy title phrase.

High Converting Landing Page or Website

Before considering paying for advertising even if it is pay-per-click advertising you should make shore that you have a highly appealing site with all the up to date content that is out there. I would start by looking at other peoples websites, do a little surfing. You may even find like I do, that many sites out there are poorly built. I don’t mean the structure of it, but I see plenty of misspellings and improper grammar usage. Web sites with original content seem to look better than just carbon copy sites out there. Templates are easy to use but if you can fill them with original content and not just text it will definitely look better. The more your website can convert is the better that your pay-per-click advertising will do.

Creating Ads that are going to WoW them

This is really crucial to your campaign because this is the first thing the customer looks at. This is where you have to hook in the reader. You only have 25 characters to do this in, so you have to make it powerful and it has to be what the reader is looking for. You have to somehow relay message of Something original, or great. Many people like new items or some kind of invitation. To make this effective it may be wise to include keywords in the title phrase. Remember this is the hook, you have to put the right bait on it! You can also put in one of your keywords and run a search for it. You will have an opportunity to look at the other ads. There are some really clever ads out there, never copy but you can learn from them.


Perhaps the most difficult part of running an effective pay-per-click ad. Your keywords should be directly related to your product or service. There is a tool that you can use right in Google AdWords that will help you generate a keyword list. Also, on Overture there is a tool that will generate how many times a search was done on a certain word you may want to add to a keylist. Both of these are good methods, you can also just write down a bunch of words and phrases related to your business or service and create your own key word list. It is a good idea to update your keyword lists, make sure that you increase the cpc on high performing keywords so they rise the position of your ad. Delete the key words that are not performing well, and replace them with better ones. check to see how your keywords are performing at least once every week. A good place to find keywords is to look at other ads as I mentioned earlier. The words in bold would be the keywords used that targeted that ad. These keywords are popular, you know they just triggered that ad your looking at.

Final Note

When you set up an account with Google Adwords, you want to go with the standard addition. In this addition you can set individual keyword bids, and you can also generate a higher CTR then you can with the beginner addition. That is The most important part, The Click Trough Rate. If you have no one clicking the ads, you don’t even get a chance to convert. Focus on getting more clicks then once you do that look into your R.O.I. or return on investment. If this is low, you may want to use negative keywords or you may want to sometimes even lower the position that your ad shows. A low return on investment could also mean you have to work on your website and ad some content that will promote conversion!

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