Google Wealth Wizard Review

Google Wealth Wizard is a huge e-Book spanning across 115 pages dedicated completely to maximizing profit through Google AdWords. The e-Book starts from the very beginning for those who have never even touched AdWords before. The e-Book goes through expansive detail on researching products to promote on affiliate marketplaces, to conducting proper keyword research to find a niche that would prove to be profitable to promote a product on.

To span the e-Book over 115 pages just on AdWords impressed me immensely through the initial reading of it. I trusted the e-Book completely when I purchased it and put the tips into play as I read them, and the returns from it were fantastic and I made back what I paid for my copy in about a week, which I was very pleased about. This e-Book is considered by many as one of the top money making e-Books on the market right now. On my Top products page I have it listed as the number three money making e-book. The logic behind that placement is that Honest Riches and

As far as books dealing with just Google AdWords, Google Wealth Wizard is at the top by a longshot, it absolutely dominates the competition as the AdWords information contained in the 115 pages cannot be easily found in other AdWords e-Books. Another huge plus, is unlike other e-Books Google Wealth Wizard does not make product recommendations that are going to burn a hole in your pocket, the book is not flooded with that many recommendations and the ones that are made do not cost hundreds of dollars.

The only flaw I can really pick out from this book is that it is seems to be rather expensive at $77.00. I paid full price for it and I could not have been more satisfied with the information in the book. I was a bit skeptical of paying that much for an e-Book, but after reading through all one-hundred plus pages it absolutely justified the purchase and I have went on raving about how great the information is for those looking for AdWords.

For those of you without $77.00 to dish out on an e-Book a nice alternative besides the AdWords information in Honest Riches and Rich Jerk.

Other than what looks like a high price, the book is flawless as far as the information goes on AdWords. It completely turned around my already strong AdWords performances and had my CTR rates for my main campaigns climbing up around 2% within the first few days of making changes. If you have the money to make the purchase it is a must have for any internet marketer.

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