Harnessing the Power of Social Media Advertising to Grow Your Business

You have to accept the fact that social media has changed the way advertising goes for most businesses. Just check the social networking sites and you will see how social media advertising has soared in popularity. Interpret the statistics and you will know that it has become more effective and efficient to advertise in the social media.

For one thing, the social media provides a cost-effective and cost-efficient marketing platform where advertising is an integral component. With the right advertising campaigns, you gain maximum exposure at a minimal cost. The key to create an effective advertising campaign using the social media is to understand how your target audience interact an influence their social network.

Here are two of the most popular social networking sites that are used by most businesses today to advertise their products or services:


Facebook is considered to be the largest social networking site where businesses flock to promote and advertise their products and services. It offers a well developed advertising platform for businesses that wish to capture the huge population that this social networking site enjoys. Advertising cost is minimal, one of the main reasons businesses rally around the social networking site.

There are basically two ways to take advantage of minimal cost of social media advertising on Facebook: first, you can create highly segmented advertisements where large chunks of information on the users are readily available for your perusal. Second, you can create a fan page and build your network of Facebook users who like your page and engage them to interact with your business.


Twitter is most effective for short regular updates of what’s going on in your business. With your tweets, you can spark the Twitter community to make your business a trending topic. This is one way to start a viral marketing campaign where you can massive advertising exposure for your business. You just have to learn how to make your tweets achieve a snowball effect when the population re-tweet your tweets (Twitter messages).

Tips in Maximizing Your Benefits

Here are a few tips that will help you maximize the benefits in harnessing the power of advertising in the social media:

– Go figure what makes the social networking sites of your choice popular among its population. For instance, you have the power of the ‘like’ in Facebook, and the ‘hash tag’ that can move your business to the top of the trending topic on Twitter.

– Tailor fit your advertising campaigns to the specific environment of the social networking sites. For instance, you can upload relevant images and texts on Facebook intended to make the users like them; post short relevant tweets on Twitter; upload how to videos on YouTube, and similar stuff.

– Keep track of your advertising campaigns. Facebook has its own monitoring tool available for users who have created their fan or like pages. There are also tools from the internet that you can use to monitor the progress and success of you advertising campaigns.

Social media advertising is definitely a powerful method to promote your business to gain the exposure you need in growing your business profitably. If you want to guarantee your success, it pays to benefit from the expertise of a social media marketing consultancy.

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