How Breaking Even With Google AdWords Is Profitable Business

Google AdWords is a marketing strategy that will literally make or break you… if you know what you are doing you’ll make a bunch of money, 100% guaranteed… It’s just a fact. When you can tap into the power of AdWords marketing in a niche or market that’s spending money you’ll never be poor, ever…

Most people online do not know how to “create traffic themselves”.. they rely on partners, Joint Ventures and things like that. While this is fine “in theory” they do not know the real business of internet marketing… Which is essentially advertising + selling + backend. If you can get profitable ROI from an AdWords campaign in practically any niche you are set for life.

So what does it take in order to make things happen with adwords? Well first of all you can’t be seeing AdWords as an expense, because it’s an INVESTMENT not a “risk” or “expense”… When you start seeing it as an investment, like you are buying a house or something, your mindset will change.

Because knowing what a business is and how to run one and get it profitable from AdWords traffic is an artform all by itself. You can even break even with AdWords and still be a millionaire… Sounds crazy? But it’s true. Once you are collecting leads from your business you have the freedom to do whatever you want with them…

So the truth is that you need to simply funnel your prospects from “browsers” to “clients” and not “customers” as most people do.. They act as affiliates and sell other people’s stuff and build their business while they have absolultely no leverage themselves. I personally can’t stand seeing this… (It’s okay at first, but you should always move to bigger and better things!)

Once you have established your list and it’s around 10,000 people you can start to look for other people’s stuff and sell advertising in your newsletter or whatver you do there. But please understand that you WILL NEED a heck of a lot more control over your business in order to make any serious figures online.

You need upsells, backend strategies, high end products as well as these cheap, lead in products at $17-$97. Once they have bought you can upsell them bigger and better things. That’s what you NEED to focus on.

A lead is a lead and you should get them on a list… If it’s a tire kicker list, get them to buy by building a relationship with them. When they buy, thank them and recommend your $497 homestudy course that’s 100% online and in download format. If they don’t get it, that’s fine, but try to enroll them in your $2999 coaching class instead…

See how that “free lead” at $0.50 is now worth thousands instead of the “$47 upfront”? Good. Now you need to get down to business and set up a backend strategy worth pursuing. You can do this either as an affiliate and get $1500 commissions on other people’s coaching classes or you can have your own, but I prefer to actually take a commission on this as it’s hard work to take on clients, but it’s easy to refer them to other sites at a profit..

This is exactly how many of these “big name gurus” are making their money… They are not making “much at all” just selling freaking e-books as an affiliate off of AdWords, let me tell you right now! That’s insane to believe. Their backend strategies are so strong you wouldn’t believe it and THAT’S how it’s done. Do what they do, no what they tell you to do.. Alright?

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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