How Can You Make Social Media Work for Your Business?

What is Social Media all about? What does it mean for you? How can you leverage it to get a better business result? This article will explore a few areas of social media that you may be unaware of and are low cost in time and zero cost in money.

1 – If you are going to use social media as a business, to communicate your message and talk about your products and services, you have to be very careful. Why? Because for the most part, social media is meant to be social.

People like to share personal information, pictures, trips, everyday successes and everyday failures; and quite frankly, they are not that interested in your latest product, especially if your product is not a household word.

I am quite sure that companies like Apple who makes the iPad and companies like Netflix who have a huge fan following, count on people sharing those messages with other people. Why? Because, their products and services are highly recognized in the industry and in public eye as being popular.

Therefore, if you are going to use social media to deliver your message, you should likely consider a message that helps people; instead of a marketing message.

When you deliver value, in your short bursts – because often that is all social media will allow – you would likely want to build curiosity as well. Which, could then, with a link, lead them back to your website where they can read more about what it is they could either learn from you or get from you that would benefit them.

2 – If you want to save time, you will need a system. I use a very powerful time saving system that helps me deliver messages of value to a large number of people.

If you do not have or know a system, down below this article is a link that you can learn more about the system that I use, called the Google Experiment.

3 – Consider becoming a member of at list the following social media sites: YouTube, Scribd, Flicker, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

These are websites where you can post your content and your message of value that if written correctly will have a positive affect, and will help you win over people’s hearts and minds for your products and services, by building some trust.

4 – You will also want to become a member of the following social bookmarking sites: Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Yahoo Buzz, and Google Buzz. These are places where you can bookmark your website or social media content online, so that other can find it.

5 – How does social media affect Google’s search engine? Obviously, Google has had to change with the time, like everyone else. This year they have been putting a lot of emphasis on link sharing and how it is being done with social media.

Create as much activity as you can create, in the initial stages artificially and then organically by having a message that create a lot of curiosity. When your message gets shared, this will help your search rankings on Google, for either the website, or the webpage that you are trying to promote.

6 – You need a system to do all of these and save time as well because I know, and you know, that you are busy. I would think half an hour to an hour a week would be a good amount of time to invest in this to get an exponential result.

You want to know how to spend that hour? Click through the link below this article to read about the Google Experiment.

Finally, the ultimate question is: is it worth it? Should you spend that one hour a week? Should you take the time that takes to learn a strategy, when you can use that hour in the most effective way possible?

The answer is most definitely yes! If it did not work, I would not be doing it. I like to follow the fastest horse, and right now, in December 2010, my system of social media and social bookmarking, does not only save me a load of time, but it has an incredible effect; not only on traffic driven directly from social media sites, but also on Google algorithm.

I highly encourage you to do a little more research and find a system that will help you.

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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