How Does Wealthy Affiliate Compare With Other Programs?

Wealthy Affiliate is a well known affiliate program on the internet that has convinced many to join in due to its immense popularity and the number of people coming out to share their success stories. But one of the major determiners about the ability of an affiliate program to truly deliver is when it is placed in comparison against other affiliate programs around.

So, how does the peogram fare against its closest competitors in the market? Below are three of the closest competitors for this program today and some information that will help you weigh in your decision on which is the best affiliate program to opt for.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Profit Lance

Profit Lance is the strongest competitor to Wealthy Affiliate. The program comes with a comprehensive training for its new members. However, there seems to be an inadequate amount of instruction provided for its members. You will also have access to sites ready for launch for a reasonable price of around $80.

The downside to the program is that it is more about providing fundamental information on internet marketing, as well as some tips to help beginners get started. If you want more advanced training for affiliate marketing, then here is where WA earns the approval.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Honest Riches

Another program that has been giving Wealthy Affiliate a major competition is Honest Riches. It comes in an e-book format authored by Holly Mann wherein she provides a detailed instruction on proper search engine optimization, essentials to internet marketing, and other knowledge beginners wish to learn to launch their affiliate marketing career. When you purchase the e-book, you will also gain access to a forum for additional guidance into internet marketing.

However, there are some aspects of WA that make it a better choice than Honest Riches. For instance, you can gain access to tips and strategies that is not available elsewhere.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affiliate Project X

The third program to be commonly compared against Wealthy Affiliate is Affiliate Project X. The popularity of this system is undeniable and several sites review this program to give newbies a lowdown on what this program is really about and whether it is a good option for an aspiring affiliate marketer. One downside to the Affiliate Project X (despite its popularity) is that the reviews about the site are split. This therefore incites suspicion on your part, especially since the program costs $100.


There are certain advantages and disadvantages that you can enjoy by choosing either one of these programs over WA. However, the methods of the program have been proven to work and has earned lots of people a larger income than they would normally earn. But it is best to conduct a thorough research and comparison of various affiliate marketing programs to make an informed choice.

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