How Personalized Promotional Pedometers Keep Your Business Running

When it comes to putting your prospective clients and customers in step with your company and business, personalized promotional pedometers are the front-runners. Don't you promote your business by getting the word out, in fact, the axiom of business promotion is that you have to do this consciously.

Personalized Promotional Pedometers Solve Two Important Aspects

First, you send out your brand message to your target customer and secondly you show them that you take care of their lifestyle.

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to keep track of health and well being routinely and if there is any avenue that will motivate anyone to exercise regularly it is bound to be a success. With a strong desire for using walking as part of a fit and active lifestyle, your customers will gleefully accept your giveaway.

The advantage of this tool from a promotional point view is the flexibility that it gives you to play around with various shape and size. You can modify it with your logo and your brand names. Your company brand name and message should be clearly printed to have a lasting impact on your customer's mind. The print area can be exploited by selecting an appropriate size.

Feature Rich Personalized Promotional Pedometers

Trade shows, seminars, executive meetings, or your company celebration, health camp for service groups can be ideal occasions for distributing this gift.

I still remember a pedo-meter that my uncle received as gift in a seminar a few months back. This was a high cost variance – besides being a regular step counter, and it also featured an an aerobic step counter. It counted steps separately when he walked more than eighty stipulated steps per minute for fifteen minutes continuously.

It also had an innovative design with a flashing light, which is simulated in every five minute of walking with a beeping tune. The tune was customized to the company punch line so that it reminded customers of the company slogan. I personally loved this pioneering way of customization to attract potential customers as it really helped increase brand recall.

Depending on your target customer, you can also go for high end multifunction pedo-meters which can count steps, measure distance, calculate the heart beat and calories burned and come along with features such as built in speaker etc.

If chosen carefully, personalized promotional pedometers can be very effectively used as promotional products for internal as well as external customers.

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