How to Make Your Business or Organization More Mobile

To be truly mobile in 2015 entails much more than having a responsive Web design that smartphone and tablet users can access on their devices. A responsive, mobile website is just the foundation on which you have to build your mobile marketing campaign, which can include anything from mobile apps to social media mobile ads to personalized and exclusive mobile content and offers. Being mobile this year isn’t easy, but 91% of smartphone owners have their device in arms’ reach twenty-four hours a day, seven hours a week, which means that if you have an online presence, whether you are a business or an organization, you simply cannot afford not to be mobile. You just can’t.

As mobile adoption continues to increase all over the world, there are many things your business or organization can do to become more mobile, more accessible, and at the same time more appealing for mobile users. Here are some ideas to inspire you to become more mobile and stay ahead of your competitors.

Be ready to deal with your customers 24/7

Mobile technology now makes it easier than ever for customers to reach you – your website, your contact form and your social profiles are just a few taps away. This creates a situation in which many of the emails, messages, complaints, customer support questions, calls, and orders you get may come after your closing hours. You can of course ignore them until the next day, but being a truly mobile-friendly business means being able to deal with these as soon as possible. If you have the resources necessary to monitor and to reply to customer feedback even after normal business hours, use them – it will make you stand out from your competitors.

Take advantage of new customer habits

Mobile devices have changed the way most of us search for places where we can eat or hang out, the way we take photos, and even the way in which we interact with our friends on social networks. Just think of how many of us search for bars or restaurants ad hoc based on our current location, how we take selfies all the time, or how often we check our Facebook or Twitter push notifications and react to them as soon as they come.

All of these new habits offer new possibilities for marketers. You can organize photo-based contests in which you ask customers to take a selfie while using your product, you can organize social media quizzes with prizes, you can make sure you’re on Google Maps and people who otherwise would have never visited your store may discover it and become your customers. It’s crucial to figure out what are the dominant habits among your customers, and tailor your market strategy accordingly.

Provide a Unified App Experience

There is a growing trend across the mobile market for brands to combine multiple apps that serve different purposes into one full-feature app that provides a unified app experience, saving customers the trouble of having to download and use multiple apps from the same brand. Furthermore, more and more brands are striving to ensure that their apps provide the same functionality across different platforms and that they don’t miss any features or suffer from any technical issues. Traditionally, iOS apps have been more developed, offering more features and a better overall performance, but now Android apps are catching up both in terms of features and of performance. If your business has more than one mobile app, do consider merging them together. The simpler the app experience is for customers, the better.

Take Into Account Wearable Technology

Smartwatches and other wrist-worn devices, such as fitness trackers, are one of the hottest new technologies, with exciting new products being launched this year by major brands, including the newly-released Apple Watch and the fitness tracker Microsoft Band. Many smartwatches come with WiFi or other connectivity capabilities and can easily connect to smartphones or tablets to enable convenient calling and texting capabilities. In other words, it will be possible for marketers to reach mobile consumers not only through smartphones and tablets, but also through smartwatches. Although the smartwatch platform is not yet 100% ready for marketers, you can still make sure you reach smart watch users by developing smartwatch applications, launching a smartwatch-friendly mobile site, using push notifications, and tapping into connected devices such as smartphones.

The Bottom Line

Becoming more mobile requires analysis, planning, and often an investment of both time and money. It’s not easy. But if you manage to provide a wonderful experience for your mobile users, you will tap into an exciting market full of opportunities, and of potential customers. Okay, it’s time for you to go get ‘mobilized’.

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