How to Prevent Your Vinyl Banner From Flying Away

I work out of an office that is located in a building shared by several other companies. I love my office because of its huge parking lot and convenient location. Not only that, but my rent is also extremely reasonable. Having low rent means that my business makes more money, which is great! The only downside to my office situation is that my landlord does not permit me to place a permanent sign outside the building signifying the location of my company. This problem was only temporary, however, as my landlord and I were able to resolve our disagreement.


After a bit of research on banners and other ways of advertising my location without making any permanent additions to the exterior of my building, I decided that installing a print banner above the door to my office was the best possible solution to my dilemma. My landlord was very supportive of my proposal, as I explained to him that the full color banner would make a minimal impact on the exterior of the building and could easily be removed should I ever move my office. I ordered a beautiful custom banner from a local banner maker and nailed the vinyl banner above my office door for all to see.


I was initially very happy with my vinyl banner. Soon after I hung the vinyl banner, however, a strong wind storm came through town and knocked the custom banner to the ground. Luckily I found the banner down the street from my office, but I still had a new set of problems to deal with. The worst of the damage to the actual vinyl banner was that the holes where the nails had pierced the banner sign had ripped from the wind pressure, thus affecting the beauty of my custom banner.


I decided I would go back to my local print banner maker and explain to him the problems that I had had with my banner. Luckily, being the expert that he is, the custom banner maker provided me with two useful tips on how to prevent a vinyl banner from flying away.


A grommet is a small brass circle that provides support to a custom banner when it is hung from or attached to an elevated space. The print banner maker was happy to install a couple of extra grommets into my full color banner in order to give it more strength. After all, a custom banner gets stronger with every extra grommet that is installed. Ever heard the saying "strength in numbers"? That saying applies perfectly to this situation.


When you are hanging the banner, be sure to pull the banner taut so that there is very little, if any, slack. By doing so, you reduce the amount of air that is able to get behind the banner, thus preventing a strong windstorm from pulling the banner off of its perch. When I first hung my custom banner, I made the mistake of quickly and carelessly hanging the banner, and thus, a strong windstorm not only damaged my vinyl banner but also blew it down the street.


So there you have it. These two simple tips will prevent you from having to waste your time with trial and error. I hope these simple solutions bring you as much joy as they have me!

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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