How To Stay Ahead Of Competition Through Web Design Skill Enhancement

Designing the website of your organization can be a challenging and time consuming process. A website must be a clear reflection for what the company stands for and getting it right requires a well-defined strategy.

Let us take a look at some of the tips that would help your company develop a great website that is capable of staying ahead of the competitors.

Gray Scale Visual Design

Ensure the website has been given a gray shaded design before adding colour. The designers will then have to add the photographs which have to be placed in the website without hindering the background quality. The colour must be included in the design elements almost one at a time so as to prevent the website from appearing as an overdesigned one.

Design web page prototypes using Keynote

There is an Apple version of PowerPoint also known as Keynote which can be used instead of Photoshop in creating numerous prototypes of web pages, landing pages as well as other web interface elements. It is an ideal tool to create mock-ups and it also arrives with an online repository which consists of user interface design templates that can be used for testing of web and mobile applications in Keynote.

Include web fonts

It is essential for web designers to include web fonts if they haven’t one which would help in effective management of the website. It is good to prefer Google Fonts so as to search and find a suitable web font that can be consistently used in the corporate style guide.

Remove the social media icons from the header

If you have placed a social media icon on the header of your website, then it is desirable to remove those icons from the header and place it on the footer. The visitors on your website usually approaches to get an information about the product or services offered by your company rather than check out the photos or videos of your annual gathering or ceremony posted in the social networking websites such as Facebook.

Avoid using slideshows in the landing page

It is nice to avoid slideshows especially in the landing page since visitors might not have the time to read all the texts or images included in the slideshows regarding the services offered by company. Rather than including slideshows, include the most important and relevant information in the home page for which the visitors might have navigated to your website.

Keep the navigation simple and easy

Reduce the links in header and sidebar and try to avoid drop-down menus thereby leaving only the most relevant options in the website for the visitors to navigate. It is often considered to be user-friendly since most of the users do not like navigations that are confusing and time consuming.

Avoid Sidebars

Even though sidebars were a preferred choice for the past few years, things have changed ever since companies started removing it from their website. It has been found that reader’s attention has increased dramatically without the presence of a sidebar than with the presence of a sidebar. The call to action is found to be improving with the removal of sidebars.

Include colour that is related with nature

Nature’s colour is considered to be the most preferred choice for giving the website a perfect and pleasant appearance. It is desirable to use photograph of nature taken from your own camera rather than choosing from the web.

Adjust the font size

Typography is considered to be among the most essential aspects in a web design. Ensure the headings and other important text sizes are displayed in larger font sizes so as to make it visible for the readers landing on your web page.

Consider using Pinterest

Pinterest can be a perfect way of getting inspiration for the web designers which can be used for future references too while designing a website. Create a mood board where you can place the images of your interest along with colours, patterns, sample websites and concept material etc for future references.


The above mentioned tips are tailored to improve the web design skills so as to create a website that is unique and distinct from other websites of the similar niche.

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