Is Bing Ads and AdWords a Viable Option for Small Budget Advertisers?

Is Bing Ads and AdWords a practical choice for small budget advertisers? From my personal experience in using these two Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising tools, I would have to say, no. I have spent a total of about eight thousand dollars combined to advertise over the Internet using Bing Ads and AdWords PPC without any return on my investment whatsoever. Because of this lack of return on my investment, I have stopped using both Bing Ads and AdWords Internet marketing tools because I simply cannot afford to waste my meager budget on them without anything positive to show for it.

I did not reach the conclusion to cease using Bing Ads and AdWords PPC right away, which I should have, instead I followed some of their suggestions and tweaked my ads to make them look more appealing, used negative and long-tail keywords, made sure that my landing pages were valid, bid as high as my budget would allow on certain keywords, and so forth without any increase in sales nor as many hits on my website as I wanted.

There are many Internet marketing gimmicks that a small business should be aware for when choosing a PPP service. One way to find out about these companies is through normal investigation by looking at customer reviews of the company but keep in mind that many Internet companies have their own customer review websites that are geared to promote them. To be on the safe side you should find as many customer reviews of a company as possible, especially the product and service reviews that have been given by actual customers and not paid reviewers.

Regardless of the product (s) and services that an advertiser is marketing, a small advertising budget is no competition at all against companies that can spend millions of dollars a month on advertising and marketing. I learned a hard lesson by wasting my money going up against the big boys and girls that have millions of dollars allocated solely for marketing and advertising, and this is something that a small business must consider when deciding whether to use PPC Internet Marketing as an advertising tool to promote their product (s) and services.

I am in no way saying that the Internet Marketing tools mentioned in this article are bad tools nor inappropriate services to use for promoting products and services, just that to make them worthwhile a small business must have a large advertising budget in place to be competitive at this marketing approach.There are other approaches that a business with a small advertising budget can employ to make itself known and grow a customer base that is more cost efficient than Pay-Per-Click Internet advertising, and of course, the products and services that a business is promoting has everything to do with attracting customers and sales. Good luck.

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