Keyword Research – 5 Steps to Find Six Figure Niches in Minutes

Keyword Research is the single most important skill that anyone marketing online needs to know. If you master keyword research, you will be able to discover words that will generate money on demand.

I will give you a quick and easy 5 step formula to find keywords that you can use to dominate any market, sometimes in hours.

Step 1 – Start with your Basic Keyword

Go to Google and type in the keyword. You are looking to make sure you have a market. Look for people paying for ads on the right side of the screen. These are PPC (pay per click), which means people are paying to be there. If you have a good full page of ads, chances are you have a market that is worth pursuing.

Step 2 – Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Simple go to Google and search for AdWords keyword tool. Put in your basic keyword and it will give you a list of relevant keywords. Download the entire list to your computer. Then you need to open the file, in order to do this you will need either Excel or use OpenOffice (it is free).

Step 3 – Competition Mining

Take each keyword in the list and go back to Google. You want to type in each keyword with quotes around it, this is going to tell you how many other people are competing for that keyword. An an example if I was checking the keyword make money, I would to Google and type in “make money”. You will see that in the results it will say, result 1-10 of 3,456,444 different sites. That is your competition. Record that on your spreadsheet.

Step 4 – Uncover The Best Keywords

Now you want to sort your spreadsheet by the competition field. Sort from lowest to highest. This will give you the least competitive keywords that you can attack first.

Step 5 – Find Out How Much The Niche is Worth

In this step you will locate a product that you could sell. If you have your own then you know how much it is worth. Search the internet for your keyword and then type in the word affiliate after it.

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