Keyword Research Tools – Are They Worth the Expense?

One of the first things you learn as an internet marketer is that keywords are the foundation of your campaigns. By knowing the search volume of any given keyword you can estimate a demand for any given product or a service. As with anything marketing related – someone is going to try to convince you to buy the newest keyword tool on the market. Most novice marketers of course will want to know which keyword tool is the greatest.

Though if you take your time and learn a bit more about keyword tools – you'll realize that it's really the wrong question to ask. Your question should really be: "Are any of those tools even worth a single dollar?" Of course most of the affiliates who want your commission – will gladly give you gazillions of reasons on why you absolutely can't live without one. Well, I would like to dispel these beliefs, and save you from potentially making a costly mistake.

What you need to know about keyword tools that most people won't tell you:

Keyword research is not exact science. All of the figures you see when you get the results are predictions. Keyword tools such as Nichebot use scraped data from sources like Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery, which only represent at most 2 -3% of all the keyword searches done online.

Search engine keyword data is stored information from the past. Most of the search figures you see are searches from a few weeks ago. And those figures tend to fluctuate wildly because of search engine's constant cycle of recording and updating its databases.

Anyone who will tell you that their keyword tool has the most accurate data is lying through their teeth. Even Google, having its firm grip on over 50% of the search market can't guarantee 100% accuracy of their keyword results.

With all this said, most paid keyword tools scrape majority of their keyword data from Google anyway. So in essence you're paying for re-packaged middleman keyword data.

At first glance a tool like Market Samurai may seem useful – because they organize your keyword data based on the competition and break down the daily search volume. They also offer a few other things like SEO competition and content pulling based on your search.

But it's really nothing that you can't accomplish yourself, with a few extra mouse clicks.

In conclusion – in my opinion – paying for keyword tools is not only a waste of your money, it's also a big waste of your time. Mainly, because all of those keyword tools happen to be turtle-slow.

Save your cash and head to Google's own keyword tool. It's free, fast and has the most recent results out of all keyword tools out there.

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