Keyword Research When Article Writing – 4 Key Factors

Utilisation of good keyword research when writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a solid way to build credibility and trust. Your articles, once accepted, can be read directly, published on other websites and even sent to an ezine readership. With a good bio box you can attract readers to your site or squeeze page and gain quality traffic and subscribers.

By utilising effective keyword research you can gain more readers and subsequent traffic and here’s how you do it.

1. You must first start by narrowly defining the target audience. For example if my site was about breastfeeding I could target pregnant women, women who have just given birth or women with babies a few months old. By precisely targeting the person I want to read the article and click through to my site I can make some assumptions about the typical reader.

2. I need to construct the landing page for the reader that will click through. This means that the article and page are congruent and my reader/visitor are more likely to subscribe to my list as they’re interested in my defined topic within my niche. To continue the above example if I had chosen pregnant women they may have concerns about breastfeeding correctly and how to breastfeed. This should be the essence of my page.

3. You should then write out the broad topics for the basis of your keyword research and utilise one of the many or paid services to find words and phrases that are searched for with lower results. EzineArticles should be able to rank well for a phrase that has less than 10,000 returned results in Google.

4. Pick your keyword phrase, ensuring that it’s relevant to your topic and defined niche. You need to include the phrase in your article title and again throughout the article. Don’t pepper the article too much – you should write for a human reader and not the search engines. If you’ve defined the demographic well you’ll naturally use related keywords anyway.

By doing keyword research in this way and incorporating it into your articles you will quickly notice the results.

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