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Experienced and novice users of pay-per-click Internet marketing campaigns know that a complete and well conceived keyword list is crucial to making money online. Home business entrepreneurs will find this free keyword cleanup tool a valuable part of their online arsenal. There are basic applications for less experienced campaigners as well as a full complement of advanced features for seasoned pros.

What This Tool Is NOT

Looking for additional keywords for your online marketing campaign? Want to explore new territory by developing wide terms or more long-tailed keywords? If so, you need to look elsewhere. There are many tools available, both free and for a fee, that can help you develop a keyword list.

A Quick and Easy Way to Handle the Mundane

Once you have your keyword list, however, JUMBO Keyword helps tackle all the editing and housekeeping duties that come with the creation of a complete and successful Internet marketing campaign.

Cut and paste your keyword list into the tool and with a single click you can:

  • Automatically lower case the list
  • Find and eliminate duplicates
  • Sort alphabetically
  • Create “Phrase”, [Exact], and Broad match lists – or any combination thereof
  • Create Negative match lists

More seasoned marketing entrepreneurs use the Advanced features, which include:

  • Find and Replace
  • Sort by URLs or bids
  • Delete bids, URLs, or position preferences
  • Delete spaces or add hyphens or commas or line breaks

Create Text Ads

Finally, the Ad-Maker function allows Internet marketers to create and download text ads – right from the tool. The setup is reminiscent of Google’s tool, right down to the character counter for each line of the ad. You can create a small ad or a wide ad, and once an ad is created marketing entrepreneurs have the option of duplicating it as a small ad or a wide ad. It’s also possible to erase an ad or delete it. As soon as you’re satisfied with the results, save your ads as a text file.

The price is right – and the full suite of features makes short work of the tedious but important cleanup required to create a complete and successful online marketing keyword list.

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