Overture Keyword Tool – Why We Have Better Tools Now

The Overture keyword tool was a great tool in it’s day. Now that it is no longer available many people are unsure where to turn. But, it’s disappearance is not a bad thing and here is why. The internet has changed and the tool didn’t and it’s use today would be out of date anyway.

Luckily for us, there a better tool that the Overture keyword tool that not only provides us with much better and current data bit it actually goes out there into the digital realm and brings back all kinds of relevant information for us to use in our SEO efforts. The tool available to us today is much more sophisticated (as is search marketing) and provides many more parameters to be measured in order to better help us find success.

Back in the day, the Overture tool found keywords for us and it did a great job with we needed then but today it would resemble the Google keyword tool which is much less (if at all) effective for performing meaningful keyword research. The tool we have now provides so many more parameters and matrices than the Google tool does, it’s kind of crazy.

Why would the Overture keyword tool and the Google tool do us no good today? Because things have gotten more complicated as the search engine algorithms have. And even though Google leads the world in those changes, they have not changed their keyword tool since they first made it public. While it provides 3-4 usable parameters, the author has found that to be successful in SEO, one should be researching and comparing at least 7 parameters and their relationships with one another.

Keyword research with the Overture keyword tool was once easy as pie. But the changes that were made that eventually made that tool obsolete, made search better. So it is a trade off. Keywords research has gotten much more complicated but so have the tools available to us. If you have not learned what these are and more importantly HOW TO USE THEM, you may need a hand from someone who uses the tool daily and does not mind taking the time to teach you.

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