PPC Revenge 2.0 Review

Here's how Pay-per-Click advertising works: You pay a PPC network (like Google, Yahoo or Microsoft) when someone clicks on your advertisement. The ad is going to re-direct to a website which you specify. This can be your own site. Some search engines however allow you to link directly to affiliate offers. Maybe you don't have the time or don't want to deal with customers. All you want is to promote a product. Your main goal then is to provide the advertisement and promote a website's product.

Google AdWords is the largest PPC network. But it is also the most complicated one. You are not allowed to link directly to affiliate offers. You got to have some sort of landing page in place which directs your visitors to your offer. This landing page has to fulfill Google's standards, called quality score. The higher your quality score the less you pay per click. Sadly Google also has the power to close down your PPC account without giving you a reason. This is what happened to Jacobo Benitez.

His whole internet marketing income was gone from one day to the other. According to Jacobo this was the best thing that ever happened to him. He found a PPC network which is way better than Google's You don't have to please anyone to get a good quality score. In fact you don't even need a landing page. Plus: Clicks are dirt cheap.

PPC Revenge 2.0 will show you this network, teach you how to find keywords and how to implement them. It will also give you a free tool for tracking your campaigns so you don't waste money on ads which don't convert.

I looked through all the training materials of PPC Revenge 2.0 and I have to say this course of not for experienced internet marketers. Jacobo Benitez teaches pretty basic stuff like finding keywords and creating ads. For internet marketing newbies who never dared to try PPC marketing this could well be worth a try.

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