PPC Web Spy – Rip-Off Or Godsend?

Chances are you’ve heard of Brad Callen’s newest creation, PPC Web Spy. As a keyword research and AdWords tweaking tool, PPC Web Spy was designed to allow you to delve very deeply into other people’s successful advertising campaigns. In other words, “spy” on your competitors!

Here’s a rundown on PPC Web Spy’s best features and downfalls.

1) Many of the current keyword research tools are independent applications requiring that you run a separate exe to do your research. PPC Web Spy is a lightweight web-based Firefox add-in that allows you to perform your data mining from within your Firefox browser.

2) PPC Web Spy’s results are given immediately in real-time. You no longer have to depend on historical data or cached results. You request data on your current Google search results and they are pulled immediately, allowing you to tweak your ad campaigns as you go.

3) Actual AdWords data for each keyword displayed in Google search results is returned, such as:

– Your competitors’ actual AdWords ads for each keyword

– Your competitors’ actual Cost Per Click for each keyword

– Your competitor’s AdWords rank. This will give you an idea of what you need to spend to get a similar rank (or better yet, a HIGHER rank)

– Your competitor’s daily ad spend

4) PPC Web Spy generates a list of keywords for you based upon any of the phrases your competition is using.

5) PPC Web Spy can pull a targeted keyword list from your competitor’s domain name, giving you an even bigger, more targeted list.

6) You’ll be able to immediately see which AdWords advertisers are promoting affiliate products from,, or This allows you to “spy” on the super affiliates and model your campaigns after theirs, or improve on them.


1) Since it is a Firefox add-in, if you use another browser, such as Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari, PPC Web Spy is not for you. Of course, if you want to try it out, you can always download Firefox to give it a try. Firefox is a pretty powerful browser, and it is free to download too.

2) The only other problem I had with it is that it only searches and I would like to have the flexibility to search Canada, Australia and non-English countries too. Maybe in a future release…

Overall, I am very happy with PPC Web Spy. I started with the basic free version to try it out. I liked what I saw so I upgraded to the Gold version. There is also a platinum version available, but I am happy with the Gold for now.

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