Promotional Searchlights – Why They Work For Promoting Nighttime Events

Unlike daytime events, nighttime events have a specific and distinct marketing challenge. They occur at night. Attracting attention to a day time event or creating atmosphere for the event is easy to accomplish through any number of possible promotional tactics. Giant balloons, dancing air puppets, and giant flags are a few of the standard tactics used to promote a daytime event. However, these tactics do not work at night. They all require that the potential customer be able to see the promotion.

Besides running radio and television advertisement, or promoting the event on the Internet, there are very few real ways to promote a nighttime event. Once the television ads have run, once the radio ads have played, and once the print ads have been read there is only one marketing tactic left that is proven to draw attention to your event. Promotional searchlights have been used for years to promote nighttime events. They are proven to increase foot traffic to any event. Moreover, they are also the most economical way to promote your nighttime event.

Searchlights provide several distinct advantages over alternative types of nighttime event promotion.

  1. The beam of light produced is an attention grabber. Especially in the all important three mile radius of the event.
  2. The movement of the lights makes your event highly visible.
  3. They grab the attention of curiosity seekers.
  4. They grab the attention of people who may not have seen your earlier marketing efforts.
  5. They are on site event promotion that strongly compliments more traditional marketing tactics implemented leading up to the event.
  6. The searchlights cast an attractive and energetic glow to the surrounding area.
  7. They are the most affordable type of nighttime event promotion.

Above all else, promotional searchlights work because they tell your customers that they are important. You went that extra step, to follow-up on earlier marketing. When the customer arrives they are greeted with an attractive and energetic atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. By using promotional searchlights you are telling your customers that this event is important to you and by extension that they, your potential customers, are important to you. The bottom line is that they increase traffic to your business, so they increase sales.

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