Promotional Sticky Notes Buyers Guide

In this current age and time where almost every person lives a busy life, people entail constant reminders about their regular tasks. Sticky pads provide the solution to this problem. Logo imprinted sticky notes, on the other hand, could advertise your company to an extensive range of audience. You are looking at day-to-day guaranteed promotion.

Dr. Spencer Silver is the one who "accidentally" fashioned the first sticky pads. When he was working as a scientist at 3M in the US he unraveled, with the help of a partner, a fairly weak form of adhesive material. Dismally that was not what their company was seeking for. Then a friend of his had this need for bookmarks that could be simply fastened to and lifted out of the paper. They found out that Silver's invention was the one he needed so they decided to market it. Eventually, people realized the practical use of this "accidental" discovery. As they say, the rest is history as the use of sticky pads is now popular worldwide.

You may turn regular sticky notes into promotional sticky pads by imprinting your company name or logo on them. Distribute sticky note pads to your customers during trade shows and you're sure to grab their attention and appreciation. You may also utilize stickies as give-aways to your employees. Their hard work will be appreciated and they are going to be motivated as well. You will be affectionately remembered whenever they need to utilize a sticky note.

Promotional sticky notes have other profits. Here are some of them:

1. Compact and Convenient – Personalized sticky pads are small goods that fit virtually any container or bag you may hold. It's perfect to bring along with you anytime and any day.

2. Trendy and funky designs – Today, sticky notes come in a mixture of colors and designs that you can choose from. They will match any company brand or logo.

3. Note Worthy Printable Paper – The sticky notes paper are made of high quality materials that allow you to print messages that stand out from the rest.

4. Unlimited Uses – Apart from the office, note pads may also be employed at home, school, marketplace and virtually any public setting where there's a [need | requirement | necessity for a practical writing material.

If you wish to order your own brand of promotional sticky notes, here are some things you have to reflect on:

1. Acknowledge the Price – It would be wise to develop a resource plan first before you go ahead and purchase a batch. Scout for cost efficient and reasonable prices that are just within your means.

2. Don't forget Quality – See to it that the item is made of good quality stuff. You would not want a cheap but low class product right? Try to balance these two elements when deciding which kind of note pads to get.

3. Devise a Color Scheme – It's easy to get carried away by the sheer attractiveness of the existing sticky notes design so think ahead and make sure you know which colors work best for you. Make sure that your name or brand logo is accentuated well enough on the product.

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