Review of "Micro Niche AdSense Course" By John Xfactor

Why would anybody have faith in an author who calls himself “Xfactor” and who claims to know something about AdSense?

Quite simply because this man, under the same pseudonym, has shown in a public forum that he really knows his stuff, and at the moment he wrote the book “Micro Niche AdSense Course”, he earned between $300 and $400 per day in AdSense alone.

“Micro Niche AdSense Course” is all about making money with AdSense. And the way to go, according to John Xfactor, is through micro niches.

He builds his pages upon everyday products that we all know, and we all buy.

It seems that he has a point there. People are searching for information on the Internet. Sometimes, they just want free info about how to cook, or how to make Windows run faster. Other times, they are in the buying mood. They are looking for a specific product, and they are much more likely to click your add that offers a nice price on that product.

The book explains all about how to find these micro niches, and how to get an idea about how much they will make per month in AdSense, and also if it is worth your time and money to start working with that micro niche.

You do not need to do a lot of investment to follow the tricks in the book. The tricks, by the way, are all white hat.

You only have to buy a domain for each site, and it is also thoroughly explained how to choose the right domain name.

With the e-book of 94 pages comes a bonus with three videos. As a Mac owner and happy user, two of the videos was without value, since they explained how to use specific Windows programs. But the third was worth gold.

All in all a very good book with lots of valuable knowledge. What I really liked about it was the seven day action plan. After having read the book, I jumped right into day one, and I continued the following days according to the plan. You have to work for your money, but money will follow, if you follow the plan in “Micro Niche AdSense Course”.

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