Reviews of Simon Leung’s DeathOfGoogleAdWords & AdWords Heroes

The author of “DeathOfGoogleAdWords”, Mr. Simon Leung, is an ex-Google employee, and his unique status means a lot to people who wants to make a living on the internet. Those who have been in the Internet Marketing arena for a while should know how important it is to be skilled in Google Ad words, as a lack of knowledge in this area would certainly lead to serious financial repercussions. Knowledge of Search Engine optimization is also crucial to increasing your page ranking and ultimately increasing your sales conversion. Obviously, an ex-Google employee must know some of these secrets that most of us do not know!!

I bought “DeathOfGoogleAdWords” with much anticipation. After all it is a mere $2usd. Coming from an ex-Google employee, there must be some substance in it.

I was to be proven wrong. Simon did cover some points that are worthy of mention, like some recent Google changes that an internet newbie might not know. However, I felt that overall he merely scratched the surface of the contents that he promised in his sales page.

I remember I was sold by the testimonials on his sales page, where many people heaped praises upon his insights. Yet after reading the e-book, I was not convinced.

As we have come across all too often, freebies or products that are priced very cheaply are usually a prelude to another product; in this case, Simon was pre-selling his other e-book “AdWords Heroes”. I was convinced that perhaps the real substance lies in that book, given the reputation that comes with Simon.

It was a little pricey at $37usd for an e-book. Thinking the real deal must be in “AdWords Heroes”, I threw caution away and with little hesitation, I bought the e-book.

I was to rue my decision in the next half hour. Similar to “DeathOfGoogleAdWords”, there was a lot of hype in the sale copy, backed yet again by several testimonials, which once again heaped praises upon Simon. Yet I would rate the content mediocre at best.

To be fair, perhaps I have come some way on my path in Internet Marketing that I have reached a certain level of proficiency in Internet Marketing.

Given the high expectations I associate with Mr. Simon, and that this is the first time, I ever come into contact with him, I must say I am pretty disappointed. I would feel that “AdWords Heroes” is more suitable for newbie to Internet Marketing, and even so, the price should be much lower. I sincerely hope there will be good products from him in the future.

This product and the many others I came across only serve as a stark warning that there are way too many products out there, that are all hype and little substance, with sales copy designed to elicit your greed to make money online. I highly recommend all those that want to make a living on the internet to learn as much as possible from free sources such as blogs, and forums. The learning curve could be a bit slower, yet it could be a real money saver.

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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