SEO Services: Achieving the Right Balance

You've often heard about customer satisfaction and customer experience being bandied about by e-commerce businesses. But being too "consumer-centric" will hurt your online campaign if you do not have sound business principles and quality of product. It's all smokes and mirrors when you resort to all gimmicks and even hiring the SEO services in order to do so. Someday, the smoke will peter out and your vulnerabilities are going to be exposed.

What does customer experience mean?

For example, the pampering you get when you check a luxury hotel. From the time you set foot on its doors and you are given a complimentary drink. The bellhop will take care of your bag, you are ushered immediately to your room from the receptionist's desk and you are assigned maybe even your own butler who will attend to your every need. The hotel promises luxury and that is exactly what it is giving.

The problem is giving customer experience, or these little nuggets of surprises, is not very common in the digital marketing. Could it be that the businesses are still pulled back by that digital wall when technology has already broken down that barrier? Or do they think that you cannot translate real world customer experience in the Internet? Simply optimizing and redesigning the website through the help of professional SEO services can drastically improve customer experience.

The devil is in the detail

Most e-commerce websites view customer experience as always making about a huge statement to get a good impression. And they end up intimidating themselves to doing nothing. But it's all the little details that count.

Get the help of a company offering SEO to get a profile of your existing customers and use that to your advantage? A simple birthday greeting and maybe sending them a little token-a key chain, shirt, mug, ball pen, etc.-can go a long way to letting them know that you value their business. Obviously, you do not have to spend much in order to give customer experience.

Do not forget your core business

Nobody likes a sycophant. Now, if you spend all your time trying to flatter all your customers into maintaining their business with you, that takes away the time you should be spending improving your product, your e-commerce website, logistics chain and services. Employing SEO will connects you with the market through various online marketing tools. The rest, however, is up to you.

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