SEO Services Did Not Match Your Expectations?

There are so many instances when we come across webmasters blaming seo for a bad job. But is it really fair on webmaster's part to blame the guy. Is it entirely SEO's fault that the output is below the expecations of the buyer? Is it not true that the buyer hardly wants to accpet, forget pay, a fair price for SEO services.

It is rather disappointing under such circumstances that everyone should blame the SEO for a bad job. Nobody wants to look at the market that is brimming with buyers willing to pay too little and quoting ridiculously low prices for getting their sites SEOed. The buyers are finally getting what they are willing to pay for.

I receive many offers where I am confident of delivering a great job but for a better price. When I write and tell the buyer this he never gets back to me. I feel terribly bad for losing out on an opportunity where I could really have made the difference. But the buyer is not ready to listen; he has made up his mind and is focusing on price alone.

Business proposals based on half knowledge reflect upon the ignorance on the part of a buyer. If some SEOs respond to such offers, whose fault is it?

It's actually the buyers who are throwing opportunities at the SEOs to perform sub standard jobs on their sites. There is no point in blaming an optimizer alone for carrying out a bad job.

Had the buyer been more aware and hired services of a SEO with a good record, when he was starting out on the project, he would probably have spent the same amount of money and may even have saved a lot of time. The site by now would have had much much to show for it in terms of good search engine positioning or traffic or both. Buyer awareness therefore is an extremely important aspect of SEO.

When you set out to buy anything – from stock, to camera, to sausages, to a SUV, don't you get a rough idea about how much it costs? Or do you, before stepping out of the house, assume your own price based on what you think it should be or can afford and go looking for your item for that price? If your answer is – 'No, it doesn't work like that ", then why do you think it will work when you are shopping for SEO services?

Quality in every field means the same thing. And it comes with a price tag. What a buyer should do is look beyond the pricing. He should focus on the results & returns because that is where his profits lie. The more traffic his website generates, the more conversions are likely to come by, more word of mouth publicity, credibility and so on and so forth.

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