SEO Services – What Are PFP Search Engines?

Is search engine optimization becoming less and less significant? Are SEO services such as PPC and PFP making organic listings less and less relevant? There is a strong argument to suggest this as our search results are becoming more and more littered with ads and sponsored links. However search engines still maintain that organized listings still get 70% of all web traffic.

These SEO services allow anyone to pay to get their site at the top of high traffic listings. If you want an example of a sponsored link, simply type in a search term and take a look down the right hand side, they are everywhere. In this article I wanted to briefly discuss what types of PFP services there are and roughly how they work to drive traffic to your pages.

PPC is one of the most widely recognized PFP SEO services and is strongly linked with Google AdWords. This system allows you to place an ad linking to your site at the top of Google's index and even on other websites offering you maximum exposure. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads therefore you are only paying for the traffic and not the exposure. This is a very common and widely used SEO service.

Paid inclusion relates to a one off fee you pay to have your site included in highly relevant directories. The most common of these directories are Yahoo! search submit and Yahoo! directory submit. Both charge around 300 dollars for you to include a link to your site in their directory. The benefits of doing this are maximum online visibility and a very high quality backlink. This will help your search engine optimization efforts.

The last type of PFP is paid sponsorship and this is similar to PPC, however you pay a flat rate to a search engine to have your sites listed along side natural organic search results. When a searcher types in a keyword that you have chosen to advertise on, they will see your link above the organic listings.

SEO services like this are making online marketing easier and easier, it also gives a business owner with a new idea a chance to reach his target audience online without waiting 6 – 12 months for search engine optimization efforts to kick in. One word of warning though is that they can be very expensive and complex to use effectively, especially Google AdWords which will need you to study and understand it before diving in.

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