Social Apps: How They Are Raising The Teenagers Network

Long gone are the days when social networking sites could be accessed only on the web. Facebook, Orkut or MySpace, were the ones that trended all over the internet. However, in few years, practically everything switched to mobile, like shopping or travel reservations. And, so did social networking! With teens being immersed in their mobile screens most times, isn’t it clear that apps meant for social interaction will become an exciting trend among them? Moreover, long-time researches on the common networking sites revealed that they struggled real hard to come up with features that would give some meaningful purpose to the budding generation through social apps besides ensuring their security.

Unlike earlier, parents today are also supporting some moderate use of such apps by their children because that makes them internet savvy and a social person. So, while most teens are flocking to social apps, here are some prominent features or utilities of social media apps.

#1 Creation and customisation of user profiles

Every social app allows the users to create their customised account or profile that is every way true to their identity. Users are provided with the option to put display pictures, space to fill in all personal details, from birthdays to school/institution they studied from. Such options to customise their profiles the way they want work best in the interests of youngsters.

#2 Conversation on the go

That’s the key aim of every social network or app. Helping people to chat with people in their circle on the go. Apps come with wide-ranging texting features (Multilingual typing, Emojis, GIFs, Stickers, fonts styles, etc). Not only that, there are major tangible features like voice/video calling which tie up the teenagers to the app for hours.

#3 Newsfeed

Social media apps that are beyond messaging, have a news panel or space that compresses the activities of all other users. So, one can see the photos, events and other whereabouts of the people within his or her network. This gives them a chance to start interactions with others by liking, commenting or sharing their posts.

Additionally, many entertainment/media channels, business companies, communities, are joining the social networking bandwagon by opening up a customised page. So, users can view the news posts about their respective fields.

#4 Share and upload

Most apps rule the social world because of their matchless benefit to share photos/videos along with safekeeping them in the cloud. That is, once you upload a picture or video, that gets saved on the network for the lifetime of your account until you wish to remove it. Every account has their own storage space. Also, the chances of the data to get deleted from there is too rare.

#5 Polls and Q/A

Many social apps give users the option to engage in some real constructive activities apart from sharing photos, videos or clicking selfies! A poll-based or Q/A based feature in many apps, including Facebook, lets youngsters post a question and let the followers answer them. Thus, users can indulge in some actual informational discussion and enhance their knowledge on the go.

In short, besides letting youngsters to expanding friend circles, sharing opinions, events, photos/videos, the social media apps are also allowing them to absorb a lot of information about anything and everything. Newsfeed, Public pages, Advertisements, Promotional videos, are becoming a core part of the apps. Surely, these are making them more interesting and purposeful for the teens, especially for the oblivious ones.

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